Major Conflict Of Interest Discovered: Roy Moore Put Accuser’s Criminal Brother Behind Bars


Since the Washington Post first broke their story that Judge Roy Moore had allegedly made sexual advances on a 14-year-old girl in 1979, the mainstream has consistently repeated the establishment narrative that the allegations made in that article and since were “credible.”

However, the Moore campaign and others have found several inconsistencies and suspicious factors of each accusers’ story, including this latest revelation.

Here is a quick breakdown of what has happened so far:

First, as more sustained high numbers in the polls, the Washington Post broke their story of Moore’s alleged misconduct in the 1970’s, which the Moore campaign quickly denied.

We soon discovered that one of the women who claimed Moore courted her when she was a teenager was an outspoken Democrat, a supporter of Moore’s opponent, Doug Jones, and had actually worked for the DNC as a sign language interpreter. How convenient!

At this point, Moore released a personal statement urging everyone involved to be truthful and stop the charade, maintaining his innocence and his adamant suspicions that this was an establishment attempt to end his career. Shortly afterward he announced plans to sue the Washington Post for defamation.

On November 13th, the most dramatic accusations against Moore broke from Beverly Young Nelson, who claimed Moore tried to force himself on her in a car behind a restaurant she worked at in 1977 when she was 15-years-old.

However, one of her key pieces of evidence, an alleged signature from Moore in her high school yearbook, had several suspicious features that we analyzed here. Nelson’s story continued to unravel as several additional inconsistencies began to be revealed, again and again. 

In spite of all of this, Moore has maintained a strong lead in the most-watched senatorial race this year.

Now, One America News has discovered a few incredibly shocking coincidences between a woman who claims she was assigned as a police officer to keep Moore away from teenage girls at the Gadsden Mall, drug dealers that were prosecuted by Moore in 1981, and the Washington Post itself. Here’s the report:

The Gateway Pundit explains:

The accuser, retired Alabama police officer Faye Gray, claims she was responsible for keeping an eye on Moore at the Gadsden Mall because he would make unwanted sexual advancements on young women.

Gray’s brother, Jimmy Wright, was arrested for distributing controlled substances in 1981. The prosecutor for the case was none other than Roy Moore.

OAN reports Moore made another enemy after ruling against convicted drug dealer Richard Hagedorn, who was brought before Judge Moore over contempt charges stemming from back payments for alimony and child support. Moore ruled against Hagedorn in 1994 and is still making alimony and child support payments.

The report then takes another turn.

Richard Hagedorn is the brother of David Hagedorn, a “longtime editor,” of the Washington Post.

This seems like far too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence! What are the odds?

Despite the number of Moore’s accusers, their stories keep failing to hold water in many different ways. As the President has said, the people of Alabama will have to decide for themselves whether or not these allegations are credible, and it seems they do indeed believe the judge.

Nice try, establishment!