Majority of Ontario Hospitalizations Made Up By “Fully Vaccinated” Patients

Photo by Olga Kononenko on Unsplash

The majority of COVID-19 hospitalizations in Ontario, Canada are made up of “fully vaccinated” cases and greatly outweigh “unvaccinated” and “partially vaccinated” cases.

LifeSiteNews reports that, based on the publicly available data for the province, as of January 7th while there were 1,327 “Fully vaccinated cases” in hospitals, there were just 441 “Unvaccinated cases” and 100 “Partially vaccinated cases.”

In ICUs, “unvaccinated” patients slightly surpass partially and fully vaccinated cases; there were 119 “unvaccinated,” 17 “partially vaccinated,” and 106 “fully vaccinated” cases.

As for those who test positive for COVID-19, those who are fully vaccinated also greatly outweigh those who are not.

In the same period, the province reported there were 9,515 positive tests among “fully vaccinated” people.

The number of “unvaccinated” COVID-19 cases, meanwhile, was just 1,543. Of those who were “partially vaccinated,” this figure was a scant 375.

Meanwhile, other Canadian provinces appear to be witnessing the same phenomenon.

“The Alberta government lists 258 people who have a ‘complete’ vaccine status, 19 people with ‘partial’ vaccine status, and 221 with ‘unvaccinated’ status as in hospital due to COVID,” LifeSiteNews notes.

Meanwhile, in Quebec, “there are 1,948 ‘fully vaccinated’ people in hospitals attributed to COVID. This compares to 1,046 ‘unvaccinated’ people and 78 ‘partially vaccinated’ people in hospitals due to COVID.”

Last year, one of Canada’s largest newspaper, The Toronto Sun, ran a headline quoting vitriolic comments about the unvaccinated, some going as far as to suggest that they should be denied care at hospitals over their refusal to get vaccinated against the virus should they contract it and need medical attention.

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