Makers of Masturbation “Education” Video for Children Promote Drag Queens, Gender Confusion


The source of a shocking sex education video that taught young children about masturbation as a form of “self-love” has been uncovered, as well as a stack of other equally disgusting videos.

As we reported earlier this week, a clip from a disturbing video teaching young children all about masturbation sparked outrage when shared on a social media account warning of the dangers of today’s pornographic sexual education programs. At the time, we were unable to find a source for the video, but CBN managed to track one down…and it’s far worse than we imagined. 

According to CBN, the video is part of a series of teaching resources offered by Sex Ed School, a self-described “fun new web series for kids to get real info from experts and discover all the answers they want to know now.”

As it turns out, the clip in which two adults, now identified as Nadine Thornhill and Eva Bloom, encourage the children to masturbate in order to “show themselves love” is from a video titled “Love Is Love.” Other episodes include “Consent,” “Genitals,” “Puberty,” “Gender,” “Orientation,” “Kissing,” and “Digital Dos,” each of which can be watched on the Sex Ed School website.

Not surprisingly, the content of the rest of the videos is just as sickening and inappropriate for its 9-to-12-year-old target market as the gag-inducing “self-love” clip.

CBN reports:

When told that you can be who or whatever you identify with, Kaleb [the episode’s transgender, biologically female guest] asks the children about their identities (this interaction begins around the 3:00 mark).

“I’m a toilet,” one of the kids says, eliciting laughter from his peers. “I don’t believe toilet is a gender,” Kaleb instinctively answers, knowing it’s an absurd response. Kaleb quickly changes tune, however, when realizing woke culture does not allow outsiders to determine gender, and makes a correction. “But maybe it is for you,” Kaleb says, confirming to these impressionable young school children that if they want to identify as a toilet, that’s perfectly normal.

“Kaleb” went on to discuss her “transition,” including hormone therapy and surgery: 

“It changed my voice and my body a little bit. I basically went through a second puberty when I was in my 20’s. I have to take [the hormone injection] every week… I did have my breasts removed. I have scars on my chest. I really only talk about what’s in my pants for people who are getting in there.”

Of course, no program for the sexual grooming of children would be complete without an appearance by half-naked drag queens, and Sex Ed School was happy to earn those extra “inclusivity” points.

In the video, “Faye Slift” and “Fluffy Soufflé,” a pair of bearded, flamboyantly-dressed drag queens notorious for “sharing their love of reading with kids”  discuss all manner of gender confusion.

To top it all off, Thornhill and Bloom, the two “experts” responsible for these abhorrent videos appear to have absolutely no credibility in the field of early childhood education. But they are well-educated in the ways of “sex-positive” nonsense and Planned Parenthood’s particular brand of “education.” 

According to her website bio, Thornhill “got her start as a workshop facilitator at Venus Envy,” a sex toy store that she markets as “a sex-positive boutique.” From There, Thornhill reports that “she went on to become Program Director for Planned Parenthood Ottawa’s sex education drama troupe, Insight Theatre. A few years later, Nadine moved to San Francisco to study at The Institute For The Advanced Study Of Human Sexuality, earning a certification in Sex Education, followed by a Doctorate of Education.”

In case you are wondering if they really give out Doctorates of Education to sex eduactors, they don’t. The Institute For The Advanced Study Of Human Sexuality is an unaccredited establishment. 

As for Bloom, she reportedly has a “Masters focusing on the social psychology of sexuality, with interests in technology, self-compassion, and sexual communication,” whatever any of that means.

“She is also the creator of the inclusive, evidence-based YouTube channel for young adults ‘What’s My Body Doing’, where she talks on sexual heath, sexuality, and relationships,” her Sex Ed School bio reads. “She is a winner of a Planned Parenthood Toronto’s Choice Award (2017) for excellence in sexuality education.”

In other words, both of these women basically took a few classes of dubious scientific merit on the topic of human sexuality, started making YouTube videos, and are now calling themselves “the foremost experts on child and adolescent sexuality.”

This is nothing but pure indoctrination and grooming masquerading as “sex-positive education.” Don’t think for a second that leftists in the education field aren’t fawning over this sort of garbage and plotting to add it to your children’s school curriculum. 

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