Male Rapist Who Claims to Be Female May Be Transferred to Women’s Prison


This is the prison inmate version of what will happen if we allow people to use whichever bathroom they like, and one seriously good argument for why we cannot, as a society, allow men to simply decide they are women.

There is a reason there are separate bathrooms for men and women and a reason there are separate detention facilities for men and women. It is because men and women are different, and more importantly, in this case, men pose a serious risk to women were they to be placed in intimate environments like bathrooms or prisons.

But apparently, none of that matters in England, which is quickly becoming the Western world’s capital of gender insanity.

David Ayrton is a man who, in 2004 when he was 25-years-old, pinned down and raped a 15-year-old girl. He has been incarcerated for his crime after confessing to them in 2014, the Daily Wire reports, after he began his transition a year earlier to a woman named “Davina” (so creative.)

Despite the fact that he has fully intact male genitalia and is in prison for rape, UK officials are actually considering heeding Ayrton’s demands to be placed in a female prison. Even though he is a man. Convicted, again, for rape. 

“Ayrton was sent to a male facility against her wishes after the court heard she had a previous conviction for possessing indecent images of children and a sexual interest in teenage girls,” writes The Sun newspaper.

And yet, Davina might still have a chance. “Convicts currently need a gender recognition certificate approved by an expert panel and a doctor if they wish to move,” the paper explains.

“They can be blocked if they are thought to have changed gender to make sexual offending easier.”

Overlooking the fact that one of the greatest former global empires actually has something called a “gender recognition certificate” (seriously, what?), it is absolutely insane to allow a man to enter a women’s prison. He is a prisoner, after all, not some wealthy snowflake college student.

We shouldn’t be humoring anyone that they can change their gender at will, let alone a man who has been accused of rape. It’s insane that this argument even needs to be made!