Mama Bears, Now Is the Time to #VoteLikeAMother


We are hours away from the end to the strangest and most consequential election of our lifetimes.

This election season, Elizabeth Johnston has been sharing the imperative to Vote Like A Mother, that is, for fierce mama bears and women of God to stand up for our children’s future.

No one defends her children like a mama bear. And our cubs need us to show up and fight for them, now more than ever.

As the progressive left seeks to degrade law and order, normalize the violation of God’s laws, surrender our individiaul liberty, stamp out free speech, and systematically slaughter unborn babies in the womb, we are looking at a very bleak world to leave our children if we don’t take a stand now.

Loving mothers who fear the Lord are the backbone of any godly society–but for too long, the church as a whole has gotten too comfortable in their pews, and too fearful of the world.

Mama bears, we are not called to fear, but to power, love and, sound mind.

Our nation is faced with a choice: a future where gender no longer matters, life is no longer sacred, laws no longer meant to protect, and liberty is a distant dream, or a future where our children can thrive and prosper in the freest nation in human history.

Our forefathers had a vision of a nation where a moral, God-fearing people would govern themselves and the state existed only to protect the rights that our Creator endowed us at birth.

A vote for Joe Biden is a vote to put an end to this great American experiment in liberty and righteousness.

You may not love Donald Trump, you might not like his language, his personal history, or his Twitter posts…but you are not voting for him.

You are voting for subsequent generations to continue to enjoy the blessings of liberty, rather than be forced to kiss the feet of the intersectional leftist thought police.

Please do not miss out on this unprecedented opportunity to use your voice–it may be the last chance you get.


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