Man Becomes First Transgender Volleyball Player In Brazil


It seems the push from the radical left to accept transgenderism, which was formerly widely recognized as a mental illness, has now swept the entire globe, which is a scary commentary on the condition of modern humanity.

Thanks to the efforts of radical progressives, Brazil now has their very first professional transgender volleyball player.

A biological male, who very much still looks like a biological male, has joined the women’s volleyball league, which obviously gives this individual an unfair advantage over other women players.

Sports Illustrated is reporting:

While playing in men’s professional volleyball leagues in Europe, heavy-hitting Brazilian player Tiffany Abreu accumulated dozens of trophies.

But she says that among her most important accolades was being named most valuable player for a match with a countryside team Tuesday night as rain leaked from the roof in a half empty gymnasium.

“I had two of those (MVP) awards playing in the men’s league. But this is a special one,” Abreu told The Associated Press in an interview after the match. “I didn’t even know until recently that I could play volleyball again.”

Abreu, 33, is the first transgender athlete in Brazil’s Superliga , the country’s top women’s volleyball tournament. She is sure to turn heads in Brazil, Latin America’s most populous nation that has often struggled to curb violence against gay and transgender people.

When Abreu was in Italy he had hormone therapy to gain control over the level of testosterone in the blood stream and went the distance by having a full sex reassignment surgery done also. This transition included a name change too.

Yet, despite all of these steps to try and transform into a woman, if a DNA test were to be completed, it would clearly show Abreu is 100 percent still a male. And will always be a male, as that’s just the way God designed humanity, like it or not.

In a further capitulation to the radical leftism of our day, the International Olympic Committee recently ruled that transgender athletes be allowed to compete in events without the need for reassignment surgery.

This is just getting crazier by the day. A man, who still has the genetic code of a male and still has higher testosterone levels than a woman, competing against women is unfair, not to mention biblically immoral.

If liberals are really about acceptance, why wouldn’t they encourage those who suffer from this kind of mental illness to love who they are, to learn to see their masculinity or femininity as something beautiful? Seems like that would be more in line with their principles, if they have any.

You don’t see leftists and progressives telling people with anxiety and depression issues to indulge their mental illness or spiritual problems, as doing so could have disastrous consequences for the individual, which is also true of gender dysphoria. So why do they continue to push this?

Because it undermines traditional values, destroys the family unit, and places the authority originally reserved for the God-ordained institution of family and moves it to the state, helping them achieve their goal of a “utopian society.”

This is the type of insanity we are up against. Please pray that God will open the eyes of the church and motivate us to share the gospel far and wide, being bold for Christ in all areas of life and culture.