Man Believes His Home Was Bombed Due to His Pro-Trump Views


It would be naïve to say that there has not been an increase of animosity towards those with differing opinions in the Trump era, particularly when it comes to those who support President Donald Trump and those who decidedly do not.

However, this could be the first case of an actual bombing committed in the name of virulent anti-Trumpism.

A Detroit man believes his home was bombed in the middle of the night due to his having a Trump sign and well-known views in support of the president.

Disrn reports that several surveillance cameras captured the incident, which began when a man approached the home, lit an explosive device, and threw it through the window of the home in St. Clair Shores, about 15 north of downtown Detroit.

Several explosions within the home followed, shattering glass and damaging the walls and ceiling.

“We came out and there was a big mess here,” the homeowner, who wished to remain anonymous, said. “Everything was smoking and I got on the phone and called 911 and they showed up pretty quick.”

He and his girlfriend, he said, had been in the master bedroom at the time of the attack.

The homeowner said that the initial detonation sounded like the explosion of an electrical transformer. A second explosion shook the house.

Surveillance footage also captured the perpetrator’s vehicle.

When he was asked why his home was the target of the attack, the man said he believed it was his political views.

“We’re thinking maybe because I’m a big Trump supporter,” he explained, noting that he has a large Trump sign.

“I mean everyone has people that don’t like them… but not to the extent of trying to blow my house up,” he added.

That is certainly true.

Of course, we have no way of knowing at this time if his suspicions are correct, but he certainly doesn’t seem to be hiding any dirty secrets as he’s offered a $10,000 reward for any information that will lead to the perpetrator’s arrest.

“It’s worth it to me to find out who’s trying to catch my house on fire and possibly kill me,” he said.

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