Man Escorted From Gym By Police for Praying With Injured Member


It is interesting how atheists insist all they want is to not have religion shoved in their faces, and yet they seem determined to mandate atheism wherever they go, destroying any hint of faith in the public realm.

While a private business has every right to discriminate against their patrons for whatever reason possible, the case of a man who was booted from his gym for a private prayer shared with another member is still incredibly shocking and indicative of the state of atheism in our country.

As Christians, we know that the world hates the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and sometimes this hatred is expressed in incredibly blatant ways, as is the case with the incident evangelist Craig Fasler was involved in at his gym in Manahawkin, New Jersey last month.

Fasler senior equipping evangelist at Christian Equippers International which has been providing “material and seminars to equip Christians to fulfill the Great Commission” since 1983, according to The Christian Post.

Fasler was at his gym, Retro Fitness, on March 21st, when he observed an injured man in the locker room. He asked him politely if he could pray for him in Jesus’ name, and the man obliged. At the end of the prayer, the injured man said he felt the pain subside, and that was that.

Another gym member, however, observed the incident in the locker room and struck up a conversation with Fasler about his faith. He had been impressed to see the impact Fasler’s simple prayer made on the injured man’s pain.

However, when he attempted to share what he’d seen Falser do with the woman working at the front desk of the fitness center, things took a very disturbing turn.

As he later told police when the arrived to escort him from the gym, the woman said to him “you are not allowed to speak about religion here. I am an atheist and you are not allowed to talk about religion and mention the name Jesus in here.”

She apparently proceeded to quickly call local police, who arrived to escort him from the building.

“I don’t get it, there is a guy who had a sore back and knee. I asked him if he would allow me to pray for him. He said yes. I pray for him and he has no more pain. I thought that was a good thing?” Fasler reportedly told the officer as he was removed from the gym.

A local news website later reached out to police for comment, who said that Fasler had been  “understanding,” although “a little confused that management was asking him to leave.”

While Fasler spoke out about the confusing incident immediately, the gym took several days to respond, finally offering an alternate story:

Mr Fasler, after several unsolicited advances upon members of offers to be touched, so as to be ” healed ” or to join in prayer, was informed they did not wish to do so at that time. Members again had to inform Mr Fasler they did not wish to be touched, prayed for or healed, and that they simply wished to continue their workout and to be left alone. After continuing with said behavior, although he was asked to stop several times by members, an employee intervened and informed Mr Fasler he was making several members feel uncomfortable. He was asked to stop by the employee, he replied he would not stop. He was then informed if he did not stop, he would be asked to leave. He replied he would not leave. It was at this time our employee felt she had no other option, but to call local authorities and let them handle the situation as they deemed necessary.

However, the local news site, Tap Into Stafford/LBI, said the gym has been unable to substantiate this claim:

We went to Retro for statement immediately after speaking with Mr Fasler.
Manager on duty first name Joe refused to give last name and give statement.
We gave 3 business cards to manager in afternoon hoping to hear from someone.

A man claiming to be owner called us 4.5 hours after our initial visit to Retro.

This man who claimed to be owner claimed he had videotape surveillance.

We know the prayer in locker room would not have video.

It would be helpful if this man claiming to be owner would provide video of front desk area where it is claimed Mr. Fasler was inappropriate.

It seems the gym is just trying to cover up for the fact that their incredibly rude employee couldn’t stand the fact that someone may have used the name of Jesus anywhere near her.

Any business that cared at all for its members and for common decency would have quickly fired this woman and apologized to Fasler, but gym management seems to hate the name of Jesus as much as their rude employee!

Tweet the gym @RetroFitness and let them know what you think about their terrible customer service!