Man Fed Up With CHOP Goes Viral After Dismantling Their “Borders” While Raging “Go Home!”


We cannot condone this infuriated man’s language, but boy, do we sympathize with being completely sick and tired of the insane social experiment that is Seattle’s Capitol Hill Occupied Protest, or whatever it is they’re calling now.

A fed-up Seattle resident has gone viral after being caught on video dismantling part of the barrier to the occupied zone, which was established when the city of Seattle surrendered an entire police precinct to left-wing protesters earlier this month.

**WARNING: This video is not safe for work or for small children as it contains explicit language**

In the video, the unidentified man is confronted by CHOP “residents” as he dismantles the objects they’ve been using for a barrier in their “no cop co-op.”

In the course of the video, amid an ongoing volley of angry language, he shouts “I’m sick of this!” and “go home!” Sentiments with which most Americans can certainly greatly sympathize!

He is confronted by some members of the CHOP, one of whom pulls a knife on him. However, the first man is actually carrying a gun, which he appears to then brandish. We cannot confirm whether or not it is lawful for him to do so, but, along with the intervention of another CHOPian who took the knife from the man wielding it, the situation was diffused and the angry man got back to the business of turning tables and dismantling made-up borders to this fantasy socialist utopia.

At one point, hilariously, one of the CHOP members complains that the man is “destroying their property!” which is rather ironic considering these people have been occupying a six-blog area of an American city which included other people’s private property.

In a different clip of the same video, the man can be seen explaining that CHOP is “not a black movement” and criticizing those listening for following white people.

“Get your own f***in’ movement,” the man added. “What you guys are doing … nobody’s gonna hear.”

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