Man Gets 15 Years in Prison For Leaving Bacon in Mosque


A perfect illustration of how mixed up our current legal system has a tendency to be is to look at how it handles “hate crimes” carried out by radical Muslim terrorists, and those deemed to be “hate crimes” carried out by Americans.

Look at what happened in the Kate Steniel case. Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, the man who shot her, was acquitted of murder in the case, but what is really egregious is how many times the man was caught being here illegal and deported, yet faced no real penalty for his repeated offenses.

A man named Michael Wolfe, a resident of Titusville, Florida, was just sentenced to 15 years in prison for leaving a slice of bacon inside of a Mosque.

Now, of course, breaking into any building, regardless of what it is, and vandalizing the place is worthy of prison time, but to grant such a steep punishment for a “hate crime” while taking obscene amounts of time to even try a terrorist just seems wrong.

The Independent has more:

CCTV footage shows the 37-year-old smashing windows and lights with a machete before leaving bacon by the front door.

Wolfe pleaded guilty to criminal mischief to a place of worship with a hate crime enhancement on Tuesday, after a plea deal was arranged with the mosque and the police.

A spokesman for the State Attorney’s Office, Todd Brown, told Florida Today: “He entered a plea deal and plead guilty to vandalising the mosque itself with hate crime enhancement, making it a felony.

In addition to the sentence, Wolfe will remain on probation for a further 15 years after his release.

A charge of armed burglary was dropped in exchange for the guilty plea, Mr Brown said.

Imam Muhammad Musri was thrilled with the sentencing, stating that it would send a message to all of those who target Muslims and would be a good deterrent against hate crimes.

The idea of hate crimes is a bit of a sticky one, as the phrase can legitimately mean a crime carried out in the name of hatred, like the KKK burning a cross in a black person’s yard, or it could be twisted to mean when a Christian refuses to accept or participate in a gay wedding because it violates their conscience.

Part of the problem is who gets to define what a “hate crime” actually is. Government officials are the ones currently making that determination, and you can guarantee the definition will shift depending on whether those individuals are Democrat or Republican.

What would be really nice is if more time and energy were being spent bringing actual terrorism on American soil to an end, holding known terrorists, dangerous men and women accountable for their actions against our country.

Imam Musri was right about the need for a deterrent, and terrorists receiving swift justice would be just that, a message from the United States to her enemies that we will no longer stand for such evil in our backyards.