Man in UK Bludgeons Girlfriend to Death After She Objects to His Cross-Dressing Fetish


In today’s world, where we are told that we should live according to “our truth” and to “follow our heart,” embracing and pursuing our deepest desires, those who stand in the way of these desires are deemed as the cruelest and heartless among us.

Interestingly, though, it is often those who desperately cling to “their truth” who become violent and hateful with “their truth” is challenged by someone with a different one.

See, that’s the thing about moral relativism and the tenents of “tolerance.” We can’t possibly accept that everyone’s “truth” is tolerable, in fact, because plenty of behaviors and beliefs simply aren’t.

The thing about clinging desperately to our “truths” is that when those who don’t share or tolerate them object, sometimes we lash out.

As in the tragic case of a couple in the UK, unfortunately, this can sometimes be brutally violent.

The Telegraph reports that a graphic designer who worked for the Royal Opera House violently murdered his fiancée after she told him she was leaving him over his fetish for cross-dressing.

You see, 38-year-old Roderick Deakin-White lives in a world where he’s told that cross-dressing should be accepted and condoned and that gender should be fluid. His affianced didn’t feel the same way, and he simply couldn’t bear it.

The Telegraph details the case:

Jurors heard the couple’s six-year relationship deteriorated with Ms Parsons telling friends she had grown unhappy at Deakin-White’s enjoyment of cross-dressing when they were intimate.

Days before she was murdered, Ms Parsons told Deakin-White she had started an affair with James Saunders, a colleague at the City-based insurance firm she worked at.

The court heard Deakin-White reacted by sending a number of disparaging messages to Mr Saunders in which he called him a “bastard” and a “creep”, and also told him “if he couldn’t have her no one can”.

The details of the gut-wrenching crime are brutal:

The emergency services were called to the fifth-floor flat on Crowder Street, where they found Ms Parsons lying in a pool of her own blood in the bath.

She was pronounced dead at the scene and a post-mortem examination revealed she had been struck several times with severe force.

Gareth Parsons QC said: “A neighbour heard a woman screaming but did not appreciate what was happening. The blows knocked Amy Parsons down off her feet, no doubt slipping in the wet bath.

“The prosecution case is that it was a brutal attack on a woman who, while she was showering, was obviously unarmed and wholly defenceless, a woman who was entitled to feel safe and secure in her own home.

We certainly cannot speak to the true mental state or specifical mental health challenges that Deakin-White may have experienced, but we can certainly say that this is a very sinful man who couldn’t cope with a woman who didn’t tolerate his desire to dress up like a woman.

Our culture has created a space where it is considered immoral to object to such confusion as a man dressing up in women’s clothing to satisfy his own strange desires. If this grisly murder is any indication, however, this is very much the wrong direction for us to head in.