Man Obsessed With Porn Sues To Have ‘Marriage’ With Laptop Recognized

For those holding hope that things will go back to the way they were, it would be wise not to get your hopes up too much.


That sentiment applies to all sorts of situations, not the least of which is the concept of marriage.

While those pesky traditionalists would love for it to remain how it’s been since the beginning of time, there are plenty of folks out there that want to throw that out the window.

We’ve seen that manifest in a number of different ways, and here’s another headache inducing scenario for us all to consider.

As Conservative Tribune shares, “Chris Sevier claims to have married his laptop computer in New Mexico and is arguing in court that if same-sex marriage is legal, then his marriage to his MacBook Pro should be as well, according to”

Sevier is a lawyer by trade, but he indicates that his sexual orientation is “machinist.” In other words, he’s obsessed with porn, and that’s about all he needs to make himself feel complete.

“Sevier filed a federal lawsuit in Alabama’s Northern District last month alleging his rights using the Supreme Court’s ruling that the 14th Amendment that extends to same-sex couples should extend to others — even inanimate objects,” Conservative Tribune adds.

The man has filed similar suits before, but it remains unclear if he’s trying to start some kind of movement or just making a spectacle of himself.

“Utah Attorney General David Wolf wrote in a filing that marrying a laptop computer was not a right protected by the Constitution, adding that a judge cannot overturn the Constitution,” Conservative Tribune continues.

Sevier is free to do as he wishes, but does he really need to attempt to force in out into the world as if this is something that’s completely normal?

It feels like that question is popping up an awful lot these days in regards to marriage, and it’s not likely to go away anytime soon unless sensible people continue to speak up against insanity.

Conservative Tribune