Man Who Roundhouse-Kicked Female Pro-Life Advocate Goes Viral, Loses Job


An infuriating video of a man who kicked a female pro-life advocate has been making the rounds on social media, and now, social media has hit back.

Jordan Hunt, a Toronto-based hair stylist has now lost his job for the violent act he committed against a woman at a pro-life rally last week after Internet sleuths tracked down his place of employment, LifeSiteNews reports.

The shocking 46-second clip by Marie-Claire Bissonnette, youth coordinator with Campaign Life Coalition, went viral after it was published on LifeSiteNews Tuesday, reaching number 8 on YouTube on Wednesday, with over 500,000 views as of publication, and sparking widespread discussion on social media.

Noble Studio 101 posted a statement on Instagram Wednesday that “it has been brought to our attention that Jordan Hunt has been caught on camera assaulting an innocent bystander at a pro-life rally. We don’t condone his actions and he has been let go.”

A representative of the hair salon confirmed this when contacted by LifeSiteNews.

“We’re four strong women here,” the salon rep told Life Site News. “We don’t condone any kind of violence… Everybody has their own opinion and different ways of thinking, but violence is not the answer. He won’t be stepping his foot through the door again.”

The incident originally occurred when Bissonnette approached Hunt after he defaced signs and jackets belonging to the pro-life group. She confronted him with her phone in her hand, filming, and Hunt stunningly tried to justify his attack by explaining he was just trying to kick the phone out of her hand.

LifeSiteNews also explains that “Bissonnette has filed a report with the Toronto Police, but according to police spokesperson Katrina Arrogante, the details of the incident are ‘on file and the investigation is ongoing. No arrests have been made at this time.'”

Go figure! This man should absolutely be locked up for assault.