Man Still Unhappy After Second Sex Change Embarks On Third

A British man by the name of Brad Cooper is undergoing his third sex change after finding himself unsatisfied despite the first two.


It appears Bradley is finding out the hard way that no matter what you do to your body you’re still the same person inside.

The fact is that Bradley needs help and the only help British doctors are giving him isn’t actually help at all.

Instead of doctors helping Bradley – who was 15 when he underwent his first gender reassignment – deal with his emotions and suicidal thoughts, they decided it would be best to disfigure him and poison his body with hormones.

After realizing that his transition into a female did not solve anything, Bradley decided to go back to being a male.

When Bradley still had emotional problems he decided to go back to being a women again, which brings us to the present day.

Here’s Bradley as a child.

Image via The Mirror/Simon Kench

This is Bradley after being poisoned by the liberal agenda and disfigured by expensive state-funded surgeries and hormones:

Image via The Mirror / Rex Features

LifeSiteNews spoke to Walt Heyer, the founder of, about Cooper.

“This is a very troubled individual and anybody that’s a fair-minded person would look at this and realize that changing genders is not gonna fix what we know to be co-morbid psychological and emotional disorders,” Walt Heyer, the founder of, told LifeSiteNews. “I feel bad for him.”

The Mirror reveals why Bradley Cooper transitioned back to being a man after transitioning to a woman.

By 18 she had twice attempted suicide. She had turned to drugs, gone through violent relationships and, to her regret, dabbled in prostitution.

Bradley spoke to The Mirror about his devastating spiral.

“On the surface I was hard as nails, but underneath it hurt like hell. The puberty blockers and hormones made me moody and angry, I was all over the place. My mum supported me, but I moved out and went wild, drinking and taking drugs to cope with being different. I made so many mistakes.”

Bradley dabbled in prostitution, an endeavor that was revealed in a documentary.

One of her biggest regrets is taking part in a Channel 4 documentary which revealed her job as a ladyboy called Lola.

The Mirror quotes Bradley as stating that the documentary ruined his life.

“I was really depressed and I was struggling to find work – no one would give me a job,” he said. “My documentary was out when I was 18 and that like, kind of ruined my life from there.”

What Bradley needs is not a documentary or another gender swap.

Sadly, progressives appear to have turned a blind eye to the real mental health issues affecting people like Bradley.

Instead, they choose to ignore said individuals’ calls for help and let them have what they want. But like giving alcohol to an alcoholic, things can end disastrously.

Please take a moment to pray for Bradley – and others in similar situations who may not have received widespread attention.

Ask God to reveal to them their need for help and pray that he might remove those who will only push them further down the road to destruction.

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