Man Who Sexually Abused Three Children Claims He’s “Trans-Age”


We all knew it was coming to this, didn’t we?

In their desperate determination to constantly defy reality with their ridiculous ideas of “self-identification”, the left has managed to successfully provide lingo for criminals to excuse their crimes and prey on the innocent.

In the latest example of this insanity, a Chicago man accused of sexually assaulting children as young as 6 is due to the fact that he is “trans-age”.

The Daily Wire reports that 38-year-old Joseph Roman abused three children, some of them over a period of several years, and told police that he is a “a 9-year-old trapped in an adult’s body.”

According to the Chicago Tribune:

“Prosecutors said the attacks began when the family of one of the girls moved into Roman’s home for 10 weeks. Roman is accused of regularly assaulting her between August 2015 and December 2017 while the other family members were sleeping. The girl was 6 when the assaults began.”

Roman continued to abuse two other children who also happened to be staying in Roman’s home with their families, and the most recent was staying in his home and being repeatedly abused until the present month.

The Daily Wire concludes that “the ‘trans-age’ male was charged with a Class X felony and taken into custody on Monday, where he made a video confession of his crimes. Roman was ordered to be held without bail during Wednesday’s hearing.”

Now where would this psychotic pervert get the idea that it might somehow excuse his disgusting crimes to explain they were due to the fact that he was “trans-age”?

Although it’s absolutely ridiculous to address such a blatantly obvious point, the idea that one can be trans-age is just as preposterous as the idea that one can be the opposite sex. The law of thermodynamics dictates your age, not how you feel on the inside. Even if Roman believes he is 9, which would make him completely deranged, he is still a 38-year-old adult and has no business touching small children.

It is, of course, more likely that this opportunist saw a chance to somehow lessen the sickening nature of his crimes by slapping himself with one of the trendy labels of the age we live in. This is clearly indicative of the current culture, where we are constantly told we’re not responsible for our actions because of some underlying psychological condition that might let us off the hook for our sin.

Well, bad news Roman, you’re still a pervert, and if there were any justice in this world, you’d fry like bacon. The good news is, the Lord Jesus will judge you sooner or later, and His diagnosis of your mental, not to mention spiritual, state, is the only one that matters.

Unless you face Him and repent of your sins, claiming you’re “trans-age” or “trans-racial” or “trans-species” won’t get you out of anything.