Man Who Organized Topless Swim for Teens Also Suing Beautician for Refusing to Give Him a Brazilian Wax


One of the most disturbing signs of the time is that those suffering from gender dysphoria are being encouraged to “live their truth” and “be who they really are,” when in actuality they suffer from a mental disorder and need professional help. 

On top of this, these gender-confused individuals seem to be very insistent that children should be made to validate and participate in their confusion. 

First, it started off with “innocent” storytime events where grown men in drag read stories to young children. It wasn’t long, however, before the trans lobby stepped up their outreach efforts. 

Disturbing, full-blown drag shows, in which adults and children alike are dressing up as garish women and inappropriately gyrating in front of adult audiences, are now taking place in public forums. Makeup tutorials and “drag how-to” classes are being taught to children and teens at public libraries in addition to the story hours.

The ever-increasing public acceptance and legal protections of those pushing gender insanity are creating the perfect venue for deranged predators to have access to women and children in public spaces where they are the most vulnerable.

One man in particular, Jonathan Yaniv, is the complete embodiment of this inherent flaw of “inclusivity.”

Yaniv, who now refers to himself as “Jessica,” is making himself very busy taking advantage of all the opportunities identifying as a woman now affords him.

As it turns out, Yaniv was behind the ill-fated “All Bodies Swim” event in Langley, British Columbia. As we previously reported, the disgusting event would allow children as young as twelve to swim topless with adults as old as 24, all while their parents would be prohibited from chaperoning.

Thankfully, the local government of Langey hit the brakes on the event, but not before being compelled to do so by public outcry.

Yaniv states that he is a “proud lesbian” which is, of course, absurd because he is a man (making him a heterosexual). A man, dressing up as a woman, but still claiming to be sexually attracted to females, and wanting to have access to 12-year-old girls swimming without tops on. This, folks, is why we call it “gender confusion. But in this case, of course, it appears to be sexually predations as well Yaniv, however, welcomes any challenge to his “womanhood” so he can prove just how twisted society has become by seeing his opposition banned and shut down on social media platforms.

Yaniv has a history of obsessing over young girls on the internet and his behavior has even been called out by fellow trans-activists, like Ronan “Morgane” Oger. Oger, Vice President of the B.C. New Democratic Party, made a statement in April asserting “that Yaniv is guilty of ‘predatory’ and ‘inappropriate’ online behavior.” It’s quite obvious Yaniv is abusing his transgender status as he sees it as an opportunity to gain access to women-only spaces.

Life Site News reports:

Allegations that Yaniv used his self-declared “female” status to contact young girls surfaced in October 2018 on Gender Trender blog, and is now archived

Gender Trender alleged that in May, June, and July of 2018, a number of teenage girls took to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to claim Yaniv “pretended to be transgender” in order to access private Facebook groups for adolescent girls “where he spewed his creepy sexual fetishes about young women, menstruation, toilet and locker room fantasies.”

For more on Yaniv’s disgusting fixation on young girls and menstruation, something this writer cannot even bear to type, visit the aptly-titled Jessica Yaniv Is A Sexual Predator.

Perhaps Yaniv’s biggest claim to infamy is his controversial human rights complaint against several estheticians who refused to provide Brazilian wax services on his male genitalia last year. At the time, we at Activist Mommy were only able to identify him as JY due to the court protecting his identity.

If one puts the pieces together of Yaniv’s obsession with young, menstruating girls, his desire to have women touch his genitals while he pretends to be a woman, and his most recent attempt to toss a bunch of children and adults into a pool half-naked, it creates a deeply disturbing picture only made worse by the fact that this man somehow has not found himself behind bars yet.

This is clearly one disturbed individual who should absolutely not be allowed anywhere around children in any setting, least of all one in which they are taking their clothes off. The fact that this is even a possibility really shows how far off the rails western society has steered. 

As a transgender individual, Yaniv is untouchable. Through our complacency and fear of being labeled “bigots,” we have created an environment where sexual deviants like Yaniv can compel women to touch his genitals and go after children in broad daylight without consequence. This has to stop.


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