March for the Martyrs Brings Unified Call to Support the Persecuted Church to Washington, D.C.


The second annual March for the Martyrs took place in Washington, D.C. over the weekend, bringing a unified voice of Christians of all denominations to the cause of the global persecuted church.

The event was organized by For the Martyrs founder Gia Chacon, who held the first March for the Martyrs in Long Beach, California last year as for the first time, many Americans were experiencing what it was like to be prevented from worshipping and gathering together amid the pandemic.

“I think now more than ever, it’s important that Christians across all denominations gather together as one unified voice,” Chacon told The Christian Post. “It’s so important that we’re standing up now, as brothers and sisters in Christ in the United States, being a voice for our persecuted brothers and sisters.”

Although she praised President Joe Biden for becoming the first American president to recognize the atrocities of the Armenian genocide, she called on his administration to take “more action taken for Christian minorities in other countries to protect them from religious persecution.”

This comes as global persecution against Christians is on the rise. Chacon pointed to data from Open Doors USA indicating a 60% increase in the targeting and marginalization of the worldwide church.

The last year has seen unsettling parallel increases in persecution against Christians in places like Nigeria, India, China, and of course Afghanistan, where the already almost entirely underground church faces an even grimmer future under Taliban rule, as well as a number of other nations on Open Doors’ World Watch List.

“If Christians continue to be persecuted for their faith, why does this issue have so much silence around it?” Chacon asked the crowd Saturday. “Why does the world remain silent as Christians are targeted and executed for their faith in Christ?”

She promised to “remember every single Christian who laid down their life for the sake of the Gospel and we’re going to bring attention to every Christian who is suffering under radical governments, under extremist groups.”

Chacon also praised the “brave pastors in these countries that are holding underground church services where they don’t know if they’re going to be arrested after” as well as “the Christians that continue to gather and speak the name of Jesus regardless of the consequences.”

Praise the Lord for these brave soldiers for Christ, indeed.

The event featured comments from commentators Jacob Coyne and Allie Beth Stuckey, among others, and CP estimated it was attended by between 500 and 1,000 Christians from across the United States.

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