Marie Stopes International Changes Name Over Racist Views of Founder


Margaret Sanger isn’t the only racist eugenicist who founded an abortion mill.

One of the globe’s largest abortion providers, Marie Stopes International, is changing its name due to the similar views of its namesake and founder.

Stopes is essentially the English version of Margaret Sanger, having founded Britain’s first birth control clinic in London in 1921.

And, like the rest of the early progressives of her and Sanger’s ilk, was a racist who opposed interracial marriage and supported forced sterilization of the “unfit.”

On Tuesday, the abortion and birth control provider will be known as MSI Reproductive Choices, as apparently all that was needed to do to repent of the founders’ horrific and immoral views is to simply reduce her name to initials and carry on murdering babies, pretending it’s not a practice founded in racist social engineering.

Breitbart notes that “Stopes advocated fiercely for eugenic programs, an effort to rid society of the weak and undesirable, notoriously practiced by the Nazis against Jews and disabled persons, and by Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger against blacks and minorities in the United States.”

In 1920, Stopes argued in favor of compulsory sterilization of the unfit, arguing that otherwise there would be an “ever increasing stock of degenerate, feeble-minded and unbalanced who will devastate social customs… like the parasite upon a healthy tree.”

Yes—this woman is comparing masses of non-white or disabled people as “parasites.”

Tell me again how “reproductive rights” are really just a form of “social justice”?

The normalization of abortion is literally the normalization of racist and ableist population control.

In July of 1922, Stopes wrote an editorial in Birth Control News which stated:

Sterilisation of the unfit raises a hornet’s nest, but no one worries at all about the daily sterilisation now going on of the fit. Young married men of the professional classes are today often forced by conditions to remain sterile, though they passionately desire the healthy children they could have if they did not have hordes of defectives to support in one way or the other.

If you’re thinking her views seem to very closely mirror those of Adolf Hitler, that’s probably because they’re essentially the same.

Stopes was a staunch supporter of Hitler and the Nazis and wrote in a poem in 1942, which Breitbart notes was amid the height of the Jewish Holocaust, that “Catholics and Prussians, The Jews and the Russians, All are a curse, Or something worse.”

This is the legacy that the organization is trying to erase by simply reducing the name of an open advocate for genocide to “MS.”

To call the move “hollow” is a severe understatement.

Currently, “MSI Reproductive Services” operates over 600 clinics in 37 countries around the world, many of them targeting sub-Saharan African women for their services.

Breitbart notes that “the organization has offices or abortion clinics in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Senegal, Niger, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Madagascar, South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.”

According to its website, the organization terminated the lives of 2,628,900 unborn African children in 2019 alone.

This is significantly more than the total abortions the group performed in the predominantly white nations of Europe, North and South American, and Australia combined.

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