Maryland Considers Common Sense Law To Prevent Church Shootings


In the last few weeks, we have been inundated with lies and hysterical rhetoric about how deadly gun ownership is and how evil people like you and I who value our Second Amendment rights are for wanting to defend our homes and our communities.

The anti-gun maniacs who politicize tragedies and plow right over cold, hard data that exposes just how few crimes are committed by legal gun owners and how many school shootings happen in gun free zones (98%) rather than NRA meetings or gun shows.

No matter what gun-grabbers want to tell you, guns are used by both good and bad people and can of course also both kill good and bad people, and the fact of the matter is that when law-abiding citizens aren’t afraid to arm and defend themselves, crime rates go down and communities are safer and more secure.

So it is incredibly heartening to hear that Maryland is considering a bill that would allow parishioners to carry firearms when attending church, even if they do not have a concealed carry license.

This is, of course, for anyone who knows anything about security and the reality of crime in America, an incredibly sensible bill.

In the last decade, we have seen far too many lives lost in violent church shootings, the most recent being the absolutely horrific Sutherland Springs shooting last year.

The bill’s sponsors, according to The Blaze, understand this threat and want people of faith to be empowered to defend themselves at worship services.

“I don’t want to wait until we have that happen in Maryland,” says Del. Kathy Szeliga (R), one of the sponsors. “What are we going to say when we have a church in Harford County that experiences what happened in Texas and we didn’t take our opportunity to allow our congregations to be safe?”

“The police cannot be everywhere, and this proposed legislation grew out of the faith-based community reaching out to us,” says Hartford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler, who supported the bill.

The bill would not require any church to participate, and parishioners would still have to have the permission of church leadership if they were to carry while attending services and church functions, but would simply stand to give the church the right to choose themselves to allow firearms on their property.

“This is again enabling legislation that would let the churches put their rules, regulations, policies and procedures training requirements, whatever they deem as a business owner can,” explains Gahler.

This is truly a fantastic idea. Churches, like schools, are, for one reason or another, targets for mass shooters and yet, as we have seen in incidents like the shooting in Antioch, Tennessee in September of 2017, defensive firearm use can dramatically de-escalate what would otherwise be a horrific scene.

Wherever law-abiding citizens are unable to carry a weapon, they become helpless targets for would-be mass shooters. In Maryland or anywhere else in the US, citizens should always be empowered to arm themselves and defend their communities!

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Posted by Elizabeth Johnston on Friday, February 23, 2018