Maryland Teacher Gloats on TikTok That Taxes Are Used to Pay Her to “Indoctrinate” Kids


A Maryland middle school teacher took to TikTok recently to celebrate the fact that tax dollars pay her salary as she is “indoctrinating” students.

The teacher was identified by Fox News Digital as Alexa Sciuto, a Spanish teacher at Pine Grove Middle School in Baltimore, and appears to have been responding to a comment that she got accusing her of “indoctrinating” children.

“None of this is what education is supposed to be about. Reading. Writing. Arithmetic. Why are you so f***ing hellbent on indoctrinating our children?” the comment, which she included in the video, read.

“I just got fired for indoctrinating my students,” the text of the video read, before being replaced with a large “SIKE!” as the teacher danced around happily in a classroom decorated with LGBT flags.

“Still employed,” Sciuto’s text bragged in the video. “Put the taxes in the bag.”

“Y’all will never take me alive,” another text box read.

The video was decorated with a gif of falling money and an arrow that pointed to it and read, “Your taxes.”

In another video, The Blaze reported, Sciuto appeared to mock parents concerned about “wokeness” in the public school system.

“This is a public school. The LGBT community has gone too far,” she said sarcastically.

She then grabbed a Maryland flag and said, “What the h*** even is this? I can tell you one thing – I do not want my children exposed to whatever this flag represents.”

“Homeschool your kids before it’s too late,” she purportedly quipped.

In another reel captioned “Public teachers r indoctrinating r kids with new pronouns,” Sciuto said “It’s me!” while lip syncing along with the song, “I’m the problem.”

According to Fox, Sciuto, who is also a stand-up comedian, has also stated that “professionalism is a patriarchal and White supremacist myth.”

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