Mass Resistance Uncovers A THIRD “Story Time” Drag Queen With A Criminal Record


It doesn’t take a genius to figure that, even at face value, Drag Queen Story Hours are potentially dangerous places to take your small children. 

While parents continue to march their children down to their local libraries for a man of dubious morals to read sanitized children’s stories about gender confusion to them, organizations like MassResistance are doing the work that these parents won’t: protect the children.

As we’ve previously reported, MassResistance has already uncovered two sex offenders, including one whose offenses were against children under 10 years old, reading to children at these sickening events.

You’d think that would be sufficient cause for these events to be shut down for good, even if purely out of liability for public libraries, but you’d be wrong.

Now, MassResistance has uncovered a third drag queen with a criminal past:

We warned the Austin, TX city officials – but were ignored.

David Lee Richardson, aka “Miss Kitty Litter,” has been the featured Drag Queen in the Austin, Texas Library System reading books to young children in their DQSH program for the past year.

On August 8, after uncovering numerous social media posts by Richardson alluding to homosexual sex, sado-masochism, and other repulsive behaviors (see below), MassResistance’s Austin Chapter testified before the Austin City Council. They described what “Miss Kitty Litter” had posted on social media, and the local citizens demanded that the DQSH event be stopped.

The social media posts made by Richardson are far too graphic and disgusting to be shared here. You’d think they’d also be too graphic for Facebook, but that’s an issue for another day. If you dare, you can see the vile posts here.

Shockingly enough, vomit-inducing Facebook posts aren’t even the biggest reason why someone like Richardson should be kept as far away from children as possible. MassResistance continues:

Research by a member of our Austin MassResistance chapter has now revealed that this drag queen reading to children has a sex crime criminal record, as well. David Lee Richardson, aka “Miss Kitty Litter,” was arrested and convicted of offering sex for money – prostitution – in 1996.

This is the sort of “unabashedly queer role model” DQSH wants for its programs? How revealing.

While proponents of the LGBT+ movement and Drag Queen Story Hours will eagerly point out that children can just as easily be abused in a church environment by trusted leaders, there’s a glaring difference between the two situations that they readily ignore. 

While Scripture commands us to cast out wolves and predators from our churches and tells us that a millstone around the neck would be better for one who harms little ones, these people are defending and celebrating placing sex offenders and criminals in close quarters with small children and toddlers.

In addition, sexual abuse scandals sweeping several major denominations are sparking churches to do better, now that they know better, and enforce stringent background checks and abuse prevention and reporting policies for their congregations. Drag Queen Story Hours, on the other hand? Background checks are apparently optional. Any man can simply throw on a dress and get a gig reading to small children. If he’s lucky, maybe a few of them will even lie on top of him for a photo op.

There is simply no rational justification for Drag Queen Story Hour events. They must be put to an end!

You can help stop this insanity by calling your local library and politely but firmly stating that you do not want your tax dollars funding any Drag Queen Story Hours, and by signing our petition to send a clear message to the American Library Association that they must disavow these sinister events!


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