Mastercard to Allow Trans Customers to Use “True Names” Instead of Legal Names on Cards


American corporations seem to be in a competition to see who can be the most accommodating, inclusive, and accepting of the LGBT mafia. Their blatant pandering often comes at the cost of alienating a majority of their consumer base, but since that majority is heterosexual and “cisgender”, they really don’t matter. We have really gone way beyond “equality” and have entered into an era in which anyone who identifies as LGBT gets a golden ticket for special privileges and social dominance.

If the LGBT community wants it, the LGBT community gets it. There is no request that is too counterintuitive or absurd to be granted.

Transgender issues specifically seem to be the hot-button LGBT issue of the day, and Mastercard has started an initiative with the apparent goal of showing just how radically inclusive they can be. The credit card company will soon be allowing individuals to have any name other than their legal name on their credit cards. This will give transgender people the ability to have a credit card that bears their “true name” instead of their “dead name.”

Mastercard says on their website:

Overall, nearly one-third (32%)* of individuals who have shown IDs with a name or gender that did not match their presentation reported negative experiences, such as being harassed, denied services, and/or attacked. As such, many transgender individuals choose to forego the cost, complexity and anxiety associated with official name and gender changes. Until now, this discrimination has carried through to their cards and payment mechanisms.

It is completely insane that a major credit card company is throwing security out the window for the sake of this twisted ideology. The security of many is being compromised for the feelings of a few. This perfectly illustrates the current state of our society.

Of course, Mastercard does not explain how they plan to stop people from abusing their “true name” card. They claim on their website that the process will be “sensitive and private” and “free of personal questions,” which really just means if someone claims to be transgender and requests a different name be put on their card, they’ll just do it, no questions asked. Seems like a responsible way for a credit card company to conduct business, doesn’t it?

Who needs to worry about things like identity fraud when you can feel good about yourselves? Perhaps Mastercard just didn’t have time to iron out the details because they were too focused on making this heartwarming video to prove just how enlightened and inclusive they are:

“It puts me in a place where I feel like I’m in danger,” said one individual in the video of using a card with their legal name on it. Mastercard is here to save the day! Never again will anyone ever be forced to dangerously use a credit card with their legal name on it.

We haven’t even mentioned the potential for fraud this opens up for all users of MasterCard. What a floodgate! 

This is utter madness. The LGBT community has managed to successfully swap truth for “truth” once again and the rest of us are just expected to continue playing along. Maybe it’s time to cut up your Mastercard and refuse to give this company another penny. They don’t care about you or your financial safety unless, of course, you’re not really you.


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