Matt Walsh Brings Big Crowds to Heated Loudoun County School Board Meeting


Last week, conservative commentator Matt Walsh attracted big crowds to a meeting of an already headline-grabbing school board in Virginia after he signed a lease on a local rental apartment just so he would be qualified to speak at the meeting.

Loudon County’s often contentious meetings have gone viral on more than one occasion this year, most notably for featuring a passionate speech from a Christian gym teacher who was later suspended over his views that he could not be compelled to refer to a transgender student by their preferred pronoun.

Walsh’s interest in the school board, which is still debating the controversial policy, drew out substantial crowds who lined up to meet him and protest the school board’s plans.

“I’m here as a concerned member of my own county and a proud Virginian,” Walsh, a homeschooling parent who lives in Tennessee and recently drew cheers at a Nashville school board meeting after addressing its members in a characteristically fiery speech, said during his comments.

“And we are speaking out against the indoctrination and psychological abuse of kids that happens in Loudoun County schools and schools across the country,” he continued, as reported by The Daily Caller.

“If I was able to drive a few more people to come out, then that’s great,” he continued. “But when you look around and see all the signs, I think people are here because people are starting to wake up to the fact that the future of our country is not really determined on the national political level, which as conservatives, that’s what we’ve been almost singularly focused on for years. The future is determined right under our noses at school boards like this.”

“I think each time we have a rally, a school board meeting of any kind, that the numbers keep growing,” said teacher Lilit Vanetsyan, who told the Daily Caller it was a shame it took someone with Walsh’s celebrity status to get more community members to show up.

She was nonetheless pleased at the turnout, however, saying “I am happy to see everybody here. I am happy to see this number, this turnout here, but I do also believe that if it weren’t for a popular person coming here… we wouldn’t see this kind of turnout.”

The Daily Caller noted that while there were parents who expressed their gratitude to the Loudoun County school board, the majority seemed to be there to protest policies that are seen as radical indoctrination by many.

One such policy, which passed in August, requires teachers to call students by their preferred names and pronouns.

This was the policy that has landed gym teacher Tanner Cross in a contentious legal battle with the school after his speech to the school board in which he emphatically expressed his love for his students and his commitment to staying true to his Christian faith and belief in how each one of his students was created.

Walsh, for his part, had some choice words for the school board over this policy that were a bit less gently worded that Cross’ articulate and heartfelt appeal.

“You are all child abusers. You prey upon impressionable children and indoctrinate them into your insane ideological cult, which holds many fanatical views,” he declared. “By imposing this vile nonsense on students to the point of even of forcing young girls to share locker rooms with boys, you deprive these kids of safety and privacy.”

“You are poison,” he scathingly stated. “You are predators. I can see why you tried to stop us from speaking. You know your ideas are indefensible. You silence the opposing side because you have no argument.”

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