Mattel Debuts Barbie Dolls With Far-Left Agenda


It was only a matter of time.

Despite the fact that most little girls probably just want to dress up their Barbies, drive them around in their dream cars, and play house with Ken, the leftists at Mattel thinks it is pertinent that the once classic icon of American femininity must play her role in the culture wars.

And so, Mattel will be rolling out a special edition of the doll that celebrates gay marriage with a ‘Love Wins’ shirt.

The doll will be made in honor of gay fashion blogger, Aimee Song and was unveiled on the Barbie-affiliated Instagram account.

Song posted the picture on her Instagram account as well, explaining why it was so important to her for this doll to make this statement:

Me and @BarbieStylesupporting equal rights because #LOVEWINS.
Or as some of you have speculated, maybe we’re secretly dating. 🤗
P.S. When I knew I was getting my own Barbie doll, it was super important for me to have the Barbie represent who I was and what I believe in and obviously dress like me! Can’t thank the entire @Mattel@Barbie team enough for letting my Barbie be ME! @BarbieStyle and I are wearing my Love Wins tee from @shoptwosongs where 50% of all proceeds go directly to Trevor Project to help the LGBTQ community 🏳️‍🌈

The account that premiered the LGBT Barbie is separate from the main Barbie account but is still managed by Mattel staffers, and “is a curated, very specific story about Barbie’s role in pop culture today,” according to the fashion blog Racked.

It is unclear when and where the doll will be sold, but nonetheless, the gay community is celebrating that Barbie has “come out” in support of gay marriage.

Why does every facet of childhood need to be infiltrated by the gay agenda? Can’t little girls just play with their beloved Barbie dolls without being bombarded with a highly-charged political and cultural issue such as gay marriage?

Earlier this month, Mattel rolled out a hijab-clad Barbie to celebrate overrated Muslim American fencer, Ibtihaj Muhammad.

Outraged Christian parents have already been calling for a boycott of Barbie over this ridiculous doll, this just gives us one more reason to do so!

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