Mayor of DC to Pick Up the Bill for Halloween Drag Queen Footrace


This story originally appeared on the website LGBTQ nation under the headline DC Mayor will pay for 100 drag queens to run a footrace through city streets.

If you saw that without knowing the source, you’d probably guess it was from a conservative site, likely because the title openly addresses the fact that the mayor is using taxpayer dollars to fund a footrace for drag queens, something that is certainly outrageous on many levels.

The fact that this title is written glowingly, not for shock value, shows you exactly how great the ideological gap is between progressives and conservatives.

Conservatives have the wild idea that government should be small, and should keep their spending of taxpayer dollars only for the most essential services.

Progressives, who regularly decry national poverty and underfunded public schools and basically anything they believe the collective should pay for, are delighted to hear their tax dollars are going to fund positively superfluous events that do absolutely nothing but entertain people and give leftists a chance to glory in the ungodly.

Because that’s really the appeal of an event like this, right? Drag queens are edgy and bend gender so obviously, they’re empowering because they own the cons.

Is there not a shelter for battered homosexual teenagers that might make better use of these funds, at the very least? What hypocrites.

LGBT Nation gleefully reports:

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser’s office has announced they will pay for over 100 drag queens to run a footrace in high heels for several blocks through city street later this month.

This will be the 32nd year for the annual Halloween High Heel Race that draws over 1000 spectators to watch the queens parade up and down the streets before the race starts. Only a small percentage of participants actually run the course; most promenade to the finish line to wild cheers at the elaborate costumes.

Since 1999 a gay bar has been the lead organizer, but since the event is free, organizers didn’t make any money to pay for street closures and emergency personnel. The city has provided those services for years and started considering becoming the official sponsor months ago.

“The mayor was really excited about this when we talked about it a year ago because this shows her support of the LGBTQ community and its diversity,” Sheila Alexander-Reid, director of the Mayor’s Office of LGBTQ Affairs, told the Washington Blade. “And I think this is going to go a long way towards making sure this event lasts and continues. I know Mayor Bowser loves this event and I know she’s proud to present it.”

While the mayor delights in throwing money at this useless spectacle, the children in DC don’t even have the resources they have to learn how to read. 

No exaggeration–DC was ranked the nation’s “most illiterate” city in 2016 and local schools regularly struggle to produce students with even basic competency.

Maybe the mayor should worry less about promoting drag queens and more about actually running a functioning city.