Media Demonizes Christians, Trump, Over 4-H LGBT Policy Controversy. Here’s What They’re Not Telling You.


It’s 2018, so naturally, everything has to be political.

Even 4-H.

The international youth organization has found itself in the center of controversy after it proposed policies that would allow participating members to use bathrooms adherent to their gender identity, or, if you ask the mainstream media, stipulated that the organization “be nice to gay kids.”

Neither CNN nor LGBT Nation, who are decrying the ousting of Iowa 4-H leader John-Paul Chaisson-Cárdenas as the result of pressure from the big, bad Trump administration mention that the proposed 4-H policy would afford transgender members “equal access” to bathroom facilities.

Isn’t that convenient?

Here’s how LGBT Nation puts it, in their article Trump is forcing 4-H to stop welcoming LGBTQ kids & the guy who tried to block him just got fired:

The youth development and mentoring organization 4-H is the latest target of the Trump administration. The group is under fire for being too nice to LGBTQ youth.

After the international youth organization issued diversity guidelines meant to grow membership by ensuring all children felt welcome, evangelical Christians and anti-LGBTQ hate groups targeted the group to try to get the policy withdrawn.

CNN, in their article Trump administration pressure over 4-H LGBT policy led to state leader’s ousting, reports:

The Trump administration helped push the national 4-H club to remove a contentious LGBT-friendly policy, setting off a battle that eventually led to the firing earlier this year of the top 4-H leader in Iowa, according to a Des Moines Register investigation published Sunday.

The investigation details the creation and eventual removal of the policy, which sought to “ensure LGBT members felt protected by their local 4-H program,” by asking the organization to “treat all students consistent with their gender identity and allow them ‘equal access,'” according to the paper. It also details the role of Heidi Green, the former chief of staff for Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue, in requesting the policy be rescinded within several days of its publication, the paper said.

Did you catch it? “Equal access.” They don’t mention to what, exactly.

Neither of these articles addresses the principal reason big mean Christians and the evil Trump administration were concerned about the proposed policy directly: bathrooms. More importantly, whether children would be forced to share bathrooms with members of the opposite sex. 

The Des Moines Register, who published the lengthy investigation into the ongoing 4-H LGBT controversy that both these outlets referenced, directly states that “the issue at the heart of the controversy [is] the use of sex-segregated facilities by transgender students.”

Indeed, the numerous documents from concerned citizens the Registry included in their article seem to only express concern over the “equal access” to 4-H facilities, i.e., whether or not boys will be allowed in the girl’s bathrooms at 4-H events.

Seems like a rather glaring omission on the part of the left-wing outlets reporting on this don’t you think?