Media Focuses On Radical Islamic Killer’s Past Service As Marine, Ignores Muslim Conversion


By now, we all know the leftist mainstream media does not like guns or police, and is not a big fan of the military, but they love Muslims, “minorities,” and promoting anything they can classify as a victim of straight, white males or Christians.

Glenn Miller aka Malik Mohammad Ali killed two police officers in Florida last week. The media reported that he was a ‘former marine,’ but completely omitted the fact that Ali is a Muslim convert.

The Orlando Sentinel reported about the arrest and court appearance of Ali, but only called him Miller and did not mention at all Ali’s name change to Malik Mohammad Ali. Malik Mohammad Ali is the name listed on Ali’s Facebook account, with “(Glenn Miller)” in parenthesis on his Facebook header.

When an Islamic radical killed around 50 people in a gay night club in Orlando last year, the media similarly tried to blame guns and Republican Christians – while failing to tell the story of radical Islam.

In another recent attack on the troops, HuffPost published a headline asking, “Becoming A Racist: The Unfortunate Side Effect Of Serving Your Country?”

Instead degrading veterans by pushing the angle that Ali was a veteran with PTSD, the media should have reported on Ali’s Islamic conversion, or this anti-white hatred he posted on Facebook:

“White parents taught you to hate my skin color. Thats why..i always say white ppl hate. My parents told me to be scared of white ppl. Why..cause why [sic] ppl kill,” Ali wrote. “When them ni$$@ wake up..its going to be some hell to answer for. You only can poke a tie up dog for so long. Once that chain breaks its over. Wake up America before its too late.”

Contact the Orlando Sentinel today, and tell them you do not appreciate their biased reporting.


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