Meet “Julian”, the Transgender Puppet, Who Brings Kids Along on His Transgender Journey



This was bound to happen sooner or later.

There’s already a slew of children’s books so that tiny tots can be introduced to gender confusion at a young age. Public schools in the US, UK, and Canada are slowly including more and more gender philosophy into their curriculum. Drag Queen story hours are quickly becoming a staple at public libraries across the nation.

And now, there’s a cute and cuddly transgender puppet to boot.

His/her name is Julian/Julia, and he/she is here to tell you all about how he/she was “born” a girl but “feels like” a boy.

Because what better way to indoctrinate children into the un-scientific and incredibly dangerous philosophy of gender confusion than a Sesame Street-like puppet?

Life Site News reports:

The puppet in question is of school age (in order to connect with school-age children), and was originally named Julia—but Julia is struggling with her gender, and “feels in her heart she’s a boy and wants to be called Julien.” The message to children is a simple one: Your gender is not dictated by biology and your body is irrelevant to who you actually are (and it can be changed, anyway!) Julien/Julia is now the star of several bi-lingual videos that provide what trans activists are calling the “necessary tools” for kids and their bewildered parents to navigate these issues.

As usual, the transgender puppet is being brought in under the guise of an anti-bullying initiative, spear-headed by the Jasmin Roy Sophie Desmarais Foundation, which is based out of Montreal. The Julien/Julia videos are part of the free video lessons (along with educational booklets) that they are promoting for use in schools, and they advise educators to introduce gender identity and expression to children “during early childhood” so that they “understand and accept gender diversity” and develop “social and emotional learning to help children with the process of identity affirmation.”

It is absolutely insane that in a few short years, we’ve gone from recognizing gender dysphoria as a bona fide mental illness to something as normal as having a different religion or ethic background than other little children.

When else do we ever teach small children to affirm or embrace mental illness? If a little boy is too boisterous in class because his school has stopped giving the children recess, he’s carted off to the doctor’s office and pumped full of drugs to make him less boisterous.

But when a little boy thinks he’s a girl, he’s carted off to the doctor’s office and pumped full of hormones to permanently alter his hormonal development and all the other little boys and girls have to start calling him “she”?

This isn’t right.

Little boys have always been boisterous and less than a generation ago, every parent knew that they just needed to get outside and run around. Every culture throughout history has given little boys the room to run around and be boys.

Little boys have certainly not always felt like little girls, and a few short years ago it would have been unheard of to alter a small child’s natural development based on what they “felt” like.

Something is seriously amiss in society, and the radical gender theorists have hijacked the discussion. It’s absolutely terrifying to think what might become of these poor children down the road…which is why we need to push back against this agenda NOW, before it is far, far too late.