Melissa McCarthy, HBO Revoke $20k Donation to Anti-Human Trafficking Org Over Its Christian Values


An organization that fights human trafficking around the world has been publicly shamed and deemed unworthy of a generous donation after a mob of angry leftists discovered its evangelical Christian values.

According to BizPac Review, Melissa McCarthy and HBO Max withdrew a generous $20,000 donation to Exodus Cry upon hearing complaints that it is an organization founded upon Christian principles.

Earlier this month, McCarthy and HBO Max launched a holiday charity campaign called “20 Days of Kindness.” At first, Exodus Cry was considered a worthy recipient of the campaign’s “kindness,” until the Daily Beast published a story claiming that the organization is “part of a strange anti-porn operation” that has “ties to Trump and the Christian right.”

After learning she had inadvertently supported the noble mission of an organization that happened to be helmed by such deplorable scum, McCarthy issued an apology on Instagram.

“Hi there. It has come to our attention that our ’20 Days of Kindness,’ which is a kindness hub that we started to shine a light on 20 great charities, had one in there that, there’s no other way to say it, we blew it,” McCarthy said on Thursday. “We made a mistake and we backed a charity that upon proper vetting stands for everything that we do not.”

“I want to thank everyone on social media who said, ‘What are you doing? Are you sure you want to back this?’ because the answer is, no, we do not,” McCarthy went on.

“We have pulled it,” she explained. “We are so incredibly grateful for you ringing the bell and helping us be better. We’re sorry for our mistake. Oh boy, are we are sorry for it. Can’t believe that we missed it.”

“And that’s it. And I just want to say that I hope it doesn’t ding the other charities because they’re really doing some amazing things, and 20 Days of Kindness Is really meant to shine the light on all of those wonderful charities,” McCarthy concluded. “So, let the kindness continue… and thank you. Thanks for the help, we really needed it.”

“We were made aware of the issues surrounding Exodus Cry and have removed them from the list of partners associated with the 20 Days of kindness campaign,” HBO Max said in a separate statement.

Following McCarthy and HBO Max’s apologies, Exodus Cry spoke out, categorically denying each accusation.

On its website, Exodus Cry describes itself as “an independent US 501c3 organization, with consultative status at the United Nations, that exists to combat sex trafficking and all forms of commercial sexual exploitation both domestically and internationally.”

In a statement on its website, Exodus Cry denounced the “false accusations” stemming from its confrontation of PornHub/MindGeek for their “complicity in the mass sex trafficking and exploitation of women and girls.”

PornHub “has sought to gaslight and deflect from the crimes they have committed by making false accusations,” the organization declared.

Exodus Cry also denied that it is an “anti-LGBTQ+ organization.”

“Exodus Cry exists to help every person, including those who identify as LGBTQ+, be free from the harms of commercial sexual exploitation. Exodus Cry is an organization that since its inception has never advocated, campaigned, or focused on any other issue besides sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation,” the statement declares. “Sexual exploitation is the singular focus of Exodus Cry, and any suggestion that Exodus Cry has campaigned against any other issue is categorically false.”

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