Meltdown Over Jennifer Lawrence’s Skimpy Dress Proves Feminists Can’t Make Up Their Minds About Anything


Feminism, once the idea that women deserved equal rights as their male counterparts, has been reduced from this once noble goal to mean nothing more than a reason to whine about anything, ever, no matter how trivial.

Enter Jennifer Lawrence in a Versace dress in 3-degree weather, and the feminist meltdown that ensued.

No, really.

See, apparently, it is sexist to both wear a skimpy dress and to…not put a coat on over a skimpy dress.

…Or something.

Chicks on the Right reports:

eah. Jennifer Lawrence got attacked by fellow feminists over the fact that she wore a dress without a coat for a photo shoot.  The feminists blamed the patriarchy, instead of considering the possibility that Jennifer Lawrence CHOSE, VOLUNTARILY, to not wear a coat.

And now?  J-Law is responding.

And this is what is so freaking hilarious about these women.  Is showing a bunch of skin empowering?  Is it empowering to choose NOT to wear a coat in 3 degree weather?  THEY CANNOT MAKE UP THEIR MINDS, you guys, and it cracks me up on a daily basis.

At least Jennifer Lawrence had the guts to respond instead of apologizing as if she had in fact done anything “anti-feminist”.

The truth is, these picky feminists have no idea that perhaps what offended them about this picture is the immorality of a woman exposing herself so much, and the fact that the cold weather just underscored how very vain and shallow it is for “J-Law” to reveal so much skin.

She said it herself, she loved the dress and didn’t want to cover it up. This is pretty much just the story of a silly woman who was determined to show off her body. Maybe if that’s so offensive to some of these feminists, they can start encouraging women to cover up for the sake of basic dignity!

But I, for one, am glad Jennifer called these feminists out on their hypocrisy. It’s about time.