How A Memorial Bench for a Slain Teenager Was Too Politically Incorrect


Sometimes, politically correct culture goes so completely overboard it becomes very, very incorrect.

This is what happened when a school district in Virginia decided it was inappropriate for them to feature a Bible verse prominently displayed on school grounds. The problem? The verse was displayed on a memorial bench for a former student. 

Colton Blake Osborne, who had been attended Randolph Henry High School in Charlotte County, VA, was killed in August of last year in a tragic ATV accident. The community came together to honor his memory by erecting the bench, on which is etched the Bible verse, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me–Philippians 4:13″.

However, according to Charlotte County Schools Superintendent Nancy Leonard, despite the fact that no one has complained about the bench, according to WSET, she and lawyers working for the school district have realized the bench just might violate the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment, “shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”

And so, they have decided to either remove the Bible verse, which is beautifully etched into the stone bench, or remove the memorial completely.

Changing a memorial bench when it has already been dedicated and is sitting on school grounds seems almost as disrespectful as exhuming the dead.

There is a clear bottom line here: while a school simply displaying a bench featuring a Bible verse bears little resemblance to Congress making a law respecting the establishment of religion, in fact, it would be unconstitutional to make a law banning such a display, Leonard and the school district’s lawyers are simply following suit on our modern trend of sanitizing Christianity from schools.

Atheists groups are relentless at attacking anything faintly resembling Christianity that takes place in our around a school, while they seem to only occasionally object to any other type of religious practice taking place at school.

What PC culture does is blinds us from our humanity. For the sake of offending no one, atheists are forcing people to be so afraid of being sued that they care little about disrespecting the dead.

The community this boy lived in simply wanted to honor him with a bench and a Bible verse they obviously thought represented him.

Instead, they will have to see this lovely gesture sanitized to please the god of political correctness.