Disgusting: Men Are Now Transforming Themselves Into Living Latex Female Dolls


A documentary from VICE explores the disturbing trend of men who transform themselves into living female latex dolls.

According to VICE, the trend began in Europe in the 1980s and is characterized by communities of predominantly older men who – for some reason or another – feel the need to “shed their masculinity and transform into feminine latex dolls.”

VICE traveled to Germany to speak with Henk Alias Kim Netto, the supposed founder of the trend.

“There are a lot of people who like to dress up as dolls,” Netto says in the documentary. “There are several thousands of dollars [spent] doing this.”

“This is not only in Europe, it is [done across the] whole world.”

Indeed, as VICE’s documentary states, “maskers” even exist in the U.S.

“The great thing is when a man who normally looks very masculine wears a mask, when he looks in the mirror for the first time and doesn’t recognize anything about himself,” a dominatrix named Madieanne tells VICE in the documentary.

“Instead, he’ll see a beautiful woman standing there. It’s exciting!”

Really? How far does one have to stray from God to find this “exciting?” (Image via VICE)

Later on in the documentary, Netto reveals that his stash of female latex doll costumes is so large that he needs to keep a list of where specific items are stored in his house.

It’s not hard to see why when Netto leads VICE’s reporter to one storage room filled with boxes upon boxes of outfits.

“What’s so attractive about being this perfect woman?” VICE’s reporter asks him – confusingly, of course, since the “women” Netto and his cohort of degenerates transform into look completely artificial and not made in the image of God whatsoever.”

His reply comes, “I like to be beautiful because I like perfection.”

Unsurprisingly, he adds that he first realized how much he liked dressing up as a woman when his sisters put makeup on him as a child.

See VICE’s full bizarre foray into the world of “masking” below.

Unsurprisingly, the documentary has caused quite a stir online.

“Yeah I’m not interested in even trying to understand this,” wrote one user. “I’m tapping out.”

In response, other users suggested that the men might be “wannabe” or “closet” transgender.

In a nation awash with gender confusion and the effeminization of males, we need courageous men to step up to the plate and speak out against this wholesale wussification of our mail populace. I think it’s past time for a campaign to #SaveTheMan!