Methodist Hospitals Grant Vaccine Exemption to Four Employees After Pressure From Liberty Counsel

Houston Texas Houston Methodist Hospital Patient

A group of Texas medical centers has agreed to grant some religious vaccine exemptions after receiving a letter from the Liberty Counsel written on the employees’ behalf.

Methodist Health System has already faced lawsuits after scores of staffers were fired for failing to meet the deadline to fill a requirement to be vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus.

On Tuesday, The Christian Post reports, Liberty Counsel sent a letter to the Dallas-based Methodist Health Care systems demanding that the employees, who object to the use of aborted fetal cell lines in the development of the vaccine, be exempt from the company requirement.

The law firm announced that within hours, Methodist Health Systems replied, agreeing to grant immediate exemptions to three out of four of the employees seeking one. The fourth is expected to be granted soon.

Employees were informed that the company’s exemption committee “re-analyzed” the exemption requests, which had been submitted in an untimely manner and “unlawfully denied,” as the Liberty Counsel stated.

The employees were informed that the committee had “reversed its initial decision and has now approved your exemption.”

Following the Liberty Counsel’s press release, several other employees have now come forward to confirm that what the firm describes as “unlawful conduct toward its employees” is widespread.

“Texas law dictates that employees at Methodist Health System have the fundamental right to determine what medical care to accept and refuse. It also protects the rights of all health care workers to abstain from participation in abortion,” the counsel’s website states.

“In addition, the Texas Commission on Human Rights Act requires employers to accommodate employees’ sincere religious beliefs.”

“Therefore, all MHS employees seeking religious exemptions are encouraged to do so immediately. Those who have been denied religious exemptions are encouraged to contact Liberty Counsel for assistance.”

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