Mexicans Protest Government’s Push to Legalize Abortion and Embrace LGBT Ideology


While we often report on the progressive cultural changes taking place in the UK and the US in the form or radical left-wing policy, they’re not the only first-world nations where those who believe in objective truth and morality are standing up to this pervasive ideology. 

On Sept. 21, over 600,000 Mexicans marched in Mexico City and 100 other cities and towns to protest the government’s efforts to legalize abortion and its adoption of LGBT gender ideology. According to Breitbart, Mexico’s National Front for Family was responsible for organizing the march.

FNF President, Iván Cortés, told LifeSiteNews that the goal of the march was to “defend life, family, and fundamental freedoms.” He added, “We want to give voice to the voiceless. We want to embrace Mexico and say strongly and clearly, ‘Not one less Mexican.’”

Cortés pointed out that his country is already under the oppression of violent, organized drug cartels and that a “culture of death” reigns supreme.

“It is ironic,” he said, “that our politicians want to worsen the crimes being committed by the drug cartels by seeking to legalize abortion.” It is ironic, indeed. You would think with the number of lives lost due to violent gang conflicts and drug cartel politics, the Mexican government would want to send a stronger message on the sanctity of life.

Sadly, it appears the Mexican government is as steeped in liberal, progressive ideologies as America is. Breitbart reports:

Cortés said politicians in Mexico want to redefine marriage and family life by insisting on transgender ideology in both schools and other public forums. They are attempting this by suppressing free speech and dissent, he told LifeSiteNews.

He added the Mexican government’s Office of Sexual Diversity and members of the ruling MORENA party are pushing legislation to make abortion legal in the country and ban counseling for those who are uncomfortable with same-sex attraction.

In 2015, the Supreme Court of Mexico ruled the definition of marriage as the union of a man and a woman is discriminatory and unconstitutional. In its decision the Court stated “procreation” was not a purpose for marriage and that restricting marriage to heterosexual couples discriminated against same-sex couples.

This all sounds too familiar. The invasive and dangerous progressive and LGBT ideology and subsequent policies are creeping into nations all across the world at a rapid pace. Cortés points out that the efforts to legalize abortion in Mexico are being paid for by the International Planned Parenthood Federation “and its Mexican affiliates such as Mexican Family Planning Foundation (MEXFAM) and George Soros’ Open Society foundation.”

Of course they are. Where there’s a push for legalized abortion, there’s one of these familiar progressive figures and their massive monetary influence. 

Thankfully, not all Mexicans are rolling over and complying with this wicked culture shift. According to Breitbart, marchers across the country heard a declaration that Cortés and members of FNF delivered to the office of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, that said:

“Mexico doesn’t need more of the culture of death. All of us must work not only to stop the madness of organized crime, in all of its facets, but also build an authentic culture of life … For this to happen, it is necessary to start with the family, the basic cell of society, in which life is not only created, but where it must be welcomed and cared for throughout its life cycle and continuously strengthened through a good education.”

This declaration rings true for conservatives and Christians across the globe. It seems this is a global effort to fight against the perversion and wickedness of the left. We cannot sit idly by and watch as death-obsessed leftists take over the entire planet. Conservatives and Christians alike must stand up in a united front and demand that our voices be heard.

“Authentic democracy will only be possible when fundamental freedoms for conscience and belief are respected, as well as parents’ freedom to educate their children,” Cortés boldly stated and no truer words have been spoken.

Much like the fight in Mexico, we have a long way to go here in the US. It’s time we stand up together and fight to repair the distressed moral fabric of America.

Pray for Mexico as they face a similar uphill battle. 

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