Mic Drop: Florida Sheriff Has Perfect Solution to End Mass Shootings in Schools


As the nation struggles to comprehend and respond to the tragedy of yet another mass shooting on a public school campus, the narrative seems to be shifting away from sensational emotionalism and towards common sense.

Perhaps Second Amendment patriots are finally sick of hearing calls for empty solutions like “gun control,” “assault weapons ban,” and anything else that would only make victims of the law-abiding and empower criminals.

In this new conversation, one Florida Sheriff is making a stand for actual common sense “gun control” that would empower the law-abiding and defend our children against maniacs like Nikolas Cruz.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd shared with the “Fox and Friends” hosts this weekend his plan to prevent mass shootings, which he’s dubbed the “Sentinel Program.” He says it will be a game-changer.

The Blaze reports:

The plan is simple: Arm teachers with concealed weapons and train them to effectively defend students should the need ever arise. The program has already been put into action at Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida, which is in Judd’s jurisdiction.

Judd explained that the process to choose which teachers to arm is extremely vigorous. He told the “Fox and Friends” hosts he only selects teachers with impeccable, crime-free backgrounds. Then, the teachers undergo rigorous training that includes meeting standards beyond those that Florida law enforcement must maintain. In addition, each selected teacher undergoes intense psychological evaluation.

Only after the teachers successfully complete the training are they honored as “special deputy sheriffs” and allowed to carry concealed weapons on campus.

He went on to explain very simply that had such a program been in place at the Marjorie Stoneman High School in Parkland, Florida on February 14th, loss of life could have been greatly reduced if not avoided altogether.

“There’s [sic] no absolutes in life, but I can tell you this: At least two coaches were killed standing in front of and trying to protect kids. Don’t you believe it would be a game-changer if they had a gun to defend the children?” Judd said.

“Currently, the program has only been implemented in Polk County, Florida,” the Blaze adds, “but Judd explained he has presented it to the Florida legislature and Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) and has urged them to take action.”

This is the kind of common sense gun legislation we need to see implemented all over the country! The psychotic liberals who want to disarm you and your children’s teachers are pushing legislation that would create a climate more inviting to mass shootings, not less!!

It is not the weapon that is responsible for mass shootings, but violent, crazed criminals like Cruz, and as long as we can’t ban the wickedness and evil that drives their demonic thirst for blood and violence (which we can’t), we need to empower our citizens and protect our children.

Defense of the Second Amendment is a defense of our natural right before God to protect ourselves and our families. Pray fervently for our nation that Sheriff Judd’s plan is implemented all around the country!

If you live in Florida, be sure to contact your state legislators in the Florida Senate and let them know you fully support the Sentinel Program across the state of Florida!

For residents of other states, be sure to contact your local lawmakers and express the same. Make your voices heard–we demand safety and security for our schools now!!