Mic Drop! Liberal CNN Reporter Gets Uncomfortable When Pro-Life Spokesperson Waxes Eloquent


There is a massive double-standard in our country when it comes to pregnancy and babies.

When people see pregnant women, they are happy to refer to the human life inside her womb as a “baby”, which of course it is. They will throw baby showers, ask to feel the baby moving, and guess who the baby in the ultrasound image looks like.

When it comes to unwanted pregnancy, however, liberals are all about “choice”, without ever acknowledging that late-term abortion ends the life of the same babies that we fawn over when it is planned or wanted inside of its mother.

Doug Jones, the opponent to Republican Roy Moore in the Alabama senatorial race, approves of abortion right up until birth, declaring he is only pro-life once the baby is born.

A very forthcoming pro-life supporter of Roy Moore recently detailed in very black-and-white terms to a stunned, and pregnant, CNN reporter, what exactly it means to support abortion up until birth.

The conversation between Poppy Harlow and Janet Porter made headlines due to Porter’s blunt reference to the life inside Harlow’s womb.

The Daily Mail reports:

Harlow had introduced Porter – an anti-abortion activist – with a cheerful smile, but the discussion hit rough ground almost instantly.

‘Thank you, it’s to be with you, and congratulations on your unborn child,’ Porter said, talking over Harlow’s attempts to ask her first question.

‘That’s the reason why I came down as a volunteer for Judge Roy Moore, because he’ll stand for the rights of babies like yours in the womb, where his opponent will support killing them up until the moment of birth.’

Harlow’s face fell throughout the last half of that sentence, but she pressed on – until Porter looped around and tried to once again politicize the host’s unborn son.

‘If you care about child abuse, you should be talking about the fact that Judge Roy Moore stands for protection not only of our Second Amendment rights, so we can protect ourselves against predators, for the rights of babies like your eight-month baby that you’re carrying now.

‘Doug Jones says you can take the life of that baby and we should pay for it.’

Harlow was not thrilled, eventually telling Porter to “leave my child out of it” as she tried to make the conversation about Moore’s accusations.

Here is the interview:

Of course, the media went into hysterics about how inappropriate Porter’s comments were, but this is exactly why we have the culture of death we do in America.

We must acknowledge and look square in the face of the reality of late-term abortion, and all abortion for that matter. Whether a woman is seven months pregnant or literally just conceived, the life in her womb is a living, human life.

We celebrate and adore pregnancy as a culture because it is a beautiful miracle of life. We don’t ask to feel a clump of cells kick, throw “clump-of-cells showers”, or marvel at how much the ultrasound image of a clump of cells looks like it’s father. We call it a baby because it is a baby, and if a woman wants to kill her baby it doesn’t make it any less human or valuable.

Poppy Harlow was uncomfortable because she knows that the life in her womb is a child that she is already spiritually connected to and in love with and no different from any other woman’s baby during the final months of pregnancy.

The bottom line is true no matter what anyone says: Doug Jones wants to kill babies. And we absolutely need Roy Moore.