Michelle Malkin: Parents and Conservatives Must “Rise Up And Resist” Drag Queen Invasion Of Schools and Libraries


As the rise of drag events targeting children across the nation continues, parents must stand between their children and this onslaught of perversion.

In a sharp op-ed by conservative writer Michelle Malkin, parents are admonished to take seriously the growing threat of “local public schools and public libraries from turning into the next pedo playgrounds that will steal innocence, ruin lives, ravage communities and impose mind-boggling costs on taxpayers.”

Sadly, Malkin notes, groups at the forefront of the grassroots movement against Drag Queen Story Hours have not only been demonized by both “left-wing smear merchants” like the Southern Poverty Law Center, but they have been “marginalized by GOP Beltway elitists who run the annual Conservative Political Action Conference.”

“Our activists have uncovered the lurid sites and social media they promote, and we have exposed that a number of them have criminal backgrounds, including two sex offenders who had assaulted minors!” Mass Resistance director Arthur Schaper told Malkin. “These are hardly role models, contrary to what the Drag Queen Story Hour website claims.”

Parents, conservatives, and concerned citizens need to understand the truth, Malkin continues. The pro-LGBT left didn’t “accomplish the metastasis of Drag Queen Story Hours in public schools and libraries” without help.

Malkin continues:

Capitulationist “conservatives” and libertarians, who prioritize virtue signaling over safety, joined forces with trans militants to promote blind acceptance of sexual perversity masquerading as “diversity” and marketed to toddlers and elementary school students. Turning Point USA, the leading youth conservative organization, features drag queens and rainbow advocates at campus events.

National Review writer David French, now a featured speaker on the Young America’s Foundation campus circuit, told the New Yorker: “The fact that a person can get a room in a library and hold a Drag Queen Story Hour and get people to come? That’s one of the blessings of liberty.”

Sick!! The sexual grooming of children in a place of education is not a “blessing of liberty,” it is a symptom of the sexual sin that has taken over our country like a cancer. Shame on any so-called “conservative” who believes otherwise!

Thankfully, the trend of parents and activists shutting down these perverted events is picking up the pace.

Earlier this month, parents cooperated to defeat a “Disney-themed” drag storytime at Clinton Elementary School in Columbus, Ohio.

Over in Chula Vista, California, parents filed several FOIA requests that revealed deception by Mayor Mary Salas and City Councilmember Steve Padilla, a notorious supporter of these events who likened their detractors to “white supremacists.”

Parents found that Padilla and Salas had falsely asserted at a council meeting that drag queens in the schools are subjected to full vetting and background checks, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Malkin reports:

MassResistance released documents this week from the city clerk admitting that no criminal background checks were conducted by police on two drag queens, “Raquelita” and “Barbie Q,” before they performed at a public library in front of 300 schoolchildren last September. The records exposed that “the City does not require background checks for any of its performers as they only work with staff for less than twenty hours and the city has a standing policy that they are considered episodic volunteers and do not require a background check.”

During their day jobs, the two performers defended by Salas and Padilla call themselves “The Hottest Exxotics” and promote gay bar hookups with young-looking men called “twinks.”

In Missouri, state Republican legislator Ben Baker has introduced a bill that would empower parents with a deciding voice regarding “sexually explicit” events at their public libraries.

In Texas, MassResistance and other parents helped reveal two registered sex offenders performing as drag queens in the Houston public library system last year. One had been convicted of assaulting an 8-year-old boy while the other, a transgender porn star, had been convicted of multiple sexual assaults against four young children ages 4-8.

Texan activists also exposed a third registered sex offender last summer performing in an Austin elementary school as “Miss Kitty Litter,” who had been convicted of male prostitution. After doing some digging into the school librarian who knowingly allowed “Litter” to perform in spite of his criminal record, it was found that the librarian himself is a wildly perverted homosexual “leatherman.”

If the current reckoning taking place within the Boy Scouts of America teaches us anything, it’s that predators will always seek to infiltrate institutions in which children are meant to be safe and looked after. Wolves will always try to sneak into the flock.

In the case of Drag Queen Story Hours, our society is knowingly inviting the wolves.

Malkin is right. It’s time to rise up and be a sheep no more.

Keep up with your local public school and library. Let them know that the community will not tolerate these wicked events! We cannot sit around and let others do the legwork. It will only get done if we put our hands to the task!

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