Michigan Church Offers Workshop for LGBTQ Teens, ‘Tolerant’ Leftist Mob Is Dispatched


Protests are being planned outside a Riverview, Michigan church this week after they dared offer a voluntary workshop for young girls who are struggling with their gender or sexual identity.

Despite the fact that Metro City Church is a private religious organization with the 1st Amendment right to practice their Christian faith as they see fit, leftist keyboard warriors unleashed their army on the well-intentioned church.

The gay community is trying to claim that the workshop is “conversion therapy”, a practice that supposedly brutalizes homosexuals to try to force their conversion, but in reality, the workshop is designed simply to bring the Gospel to young women who are struggling at a difficult time in their life and may be experiencing same-sex attraction or gender confusion.

The workshop, called “Unashamed Identity”, would be offered to biological girls between the ages of 12-16 who are questioning their sexual preference or gender identity to address the Bible’s design for female sexuality and encourage an open, loving conversation between girls and their parents.

Angry leftists are brutally attacking the church’s Facebook page and their head pastor, Jeremy Schossau, claiming he is full of hatred, bigotry, and intolerance. (But who are the ones making hateful memes and protesting outside the church?)


Pure evil? Seriously? For simply wanting to create a safe place for parents and children to contextualize the child’s struggles with their identity in a Christian community?

Metro City Church was forced to take down their Facebook post about the workshop.

One angry snowflake was able to capture some screenshots, presumably before he melted at the mere suggestion that some communities cope with teenagers questioning their sexuality differently than others.

Metro City Church in Riverview, Michigan is offering conversion therapy workshops for LGBTQ girls. They took the "…

Posted by Chris Azzopardi on Saturday, February 3, 2018

Schossau defended the workshop and kindly, yet sternly, called out the gay community’s double-standard and intolerance when it comes to such matters. He also made clear that what they are offering is not “conversion therapy”, but something offered to willing young women and their parents who want to address this serious issue in a God-honoring and faith-based way.


“What we are about is conversation, not conversion,” he clarified in the video posted earlier to the church’s Facebook page. “Conversation, not condemnation. We believe that sexuality is a choice. We believe that you can be what you want to be and do what you want to do. And we find it incredibly odd that a community that has been so vocal about tolerance, about understanding somebody else’s perspective, about freedom and choice…is seemingly very anti-choice when it comes to sexuality.”

“People seem to think that we are looking at people and making a judgment about people and demanding that they come into our office to “fix” them or to change them, that is just simply not true,” he continued. “As a matter of fact, it is people who are already in our community, who are around us or in our youth ministry, and they love us and they care about us and they feel that we care about them, that’s why they would come.”

He explains further that the workshop doesn’t force kids to participate, it’s for parents and children who voluntarily want to come together and talk. “They are there because they’re struggling, they’re looking for some council, some direction, for someone to listen to them,” he said.

He added that thousands of people every year voluntarily reach out for help when they are struggling with homosexuality, as opposed to the sterotype of being yelled at and judged in a church office against one’s will.

Why is it considered conversion therapy to minister and share the Gospel to a homosexual person, but not conversion therapy to minister to an atheist or Muslim and share our faith with them? It’s no different. As Christians, we believe that Jesus saves, and simply want to share His love with them. There is nothing inappropriate about a Christian community offering a safe environment to discuss these difficult issues in the context of the life-saving blood of Christ.

It’s certainly preposterous of the gay community to assume that people can choose their gender at will but can’t choose to walk away from homosexuality when they have a moral conviction not to live that lifestyle.

If preaching the gospel is now going to be called “conversion therapy” by LGBT activists, then so be it. We don’t accept their labels.

We are the ones preaching.
We define the terms of what we are doing.
We are not torturing anyone. We are sharing words. Words. That’s all. No force. No torture. Words. Everyone has a free will to walk away.

Let’s keep this church in prayer as they fight against the condemnation and judgment of the intolerant left and do the Lord’s work by reaching out to struggling young women and their concerned parents. Please consider visiting the Metro City Church Facebook page and clicking “Message” to send some love and encouragement to Pastor Schossau as he brings the Gospel to the downtrodden!