Michigan Eavesdropping Law Forbids Listening In On Your Kid’s Phone Call


Michigan State Representative Peter Lucido wants to ease up the state’s eavesdropping law on parents.

According to WWJ Newsradio Legal Analyst Charlie Langton, listening in on your kid’s phone conversation can land you a felony conviction including two years in prison.

“How are we supposed to protect our children? If they can prevent harm from coming to the child, they should have the right,” Lucido said. “If a father or mother, or legal guardian doesn’t have the right to protect their own child, how low have we stooped to in this state?”

The law only applies to landlines, and there’s no law prohibiting parents from checking their child’s cell phones or electronic media. However, it is illegal for a third party in Michigan to record or listen in on a landline phone conversation without the consent of the other parties to the phone call.

Lucido proposed changing the law after learning of a Michigan case in which a concerned father listened in on his teenage son, and the man was charged with eavesdropping following a complaint by the mother.

You can contact the office of Representative Lucido here to give your support for changing the law to exempt parents.


CBS Detroit