Video: Michigan Mom Perfectly Sums Up The Issue With Transgender Bathroom Policies In Schools

Epic footage making the rounds online shows a Michigan mother making passionate remarks against a school board’s proposed implementation of transgender washroom policies.


According to Michigan Live, Grass Lake Community Schools announced it would potentially follow a ruling from the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals mandating that people be allowed to use whatever restroom matches their gender identity in public school buildings.

A community meeting was subsequently held at George Long Elementary School, where concerned residents could voice their opinions on the matter.

“We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t all care deeply about children,” the mother featured in the clip states.

“But, just like in the classic book Animal Farm by George Orwell, where all animals are equal but some animals are more ‘equal’ than others, this rule is infringing on some students’ rights – the right to dignity, the right to bodily privacy.”

“When grandparents come to concerts, when people from other school districts come to football games, we will not only have the mixing of sexes in the bathroom, we will have the mixing of ages in the bathrooms,” the woman continues, adding that this will lead to “far-reaching consequences.”

The mother goes on to point out that, despite the Sixth Circuit Court’s ruling, municipalities “do have the ability to stand up for all children, not just children with more equality than others” on a local level.

See the mother’s remarks – which were met with significant applause – below.

Thank God for sensible people like that mother!

Transgenderism – despite affecting such a small percentage of our population – has been erasing the morality of our nation.

Instead of focusing on the rights of many, liberals have put the rights of the few on a pedestal with no concern for the consequences of said policies.

It doesn’t matter that we’ve actually seen these transgender bathroom policies being abused by perverts wanting to take photos of women in department store changing rooms; liberals will not rest until every state and city tows the line.

We need to continue praying that people like the mother featured in that video will have the strength to continue making their voices heard, to continue voicing their disdain for the lunacy sweeping our country.

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Michigan Live