Michigan Parents Fight Back, Pull Their Kid From School Over Transgender Policy

When school districts make controversial decisions aimed at advancing a specific liberal viewpoint, parents face some tough choices.


For some parents of children in the Grass Lake School district in Michigan, a choice they recently faced was a no brainer.

As Michigan Live reports, the district has decided to go ahead and implement a controversial transgender bathroom policy, which will allow students to choose the restroom that aligns with their preferred gender.

Many parents are less than pleased, and some are not going to simply sit idly by and do nothing.

Maureen Griffin and her husband have decided to pull their daughter out of school in response.

“My husband and I are taking action,” she said, according to WILX. “We’re not just going to talk about it, because we’re not going to stand for this.”

Griffin noted the obvious concern that parents have, saying that “it’s really difficult to have her watching an older girl go into the boy’s bathroom because she’s very impressionable,” WILX shares.

“My husband and I felt that it was just not the right fit for our daughter,” she reportedly also stated. “We have no problem with transgender people but we do feel very uncomfortable with having children share the same bathroom of the opposite sex.”

Nathan Triplett, of a group known as Equality Michigan, sees things differently.

“Opinions are one thing and everyone’s entitled to their opinion but when it comes to the district setting policy they need to set policy based on what’s in the best interest of all students,” he said, as WILX reports.

“The district’s priority has to be to provide a learning environment that is safe and secure for everyone.”

Really? Exactly how many transgender students are we talking about in this district? We’ll venture to guess that it’s not all that many.

Parents – and other concerned citizens – get awfully concerned when the wishes of a few are being pushed forward for the majority to deal with.  

If the number one concern, as Triplett says, is providing an environment that’s safe and secure for everyone, exactly how is it fair for the concerns of a select few to be placed on a pedestal above the majority’s?

Hear one Michigan mother perfectly sum up the issue with so-called “inclusive” transgender bathroom policies in schools below.

Michigan Live