Michigan School District Defeats Graphic “Reproductive Health” Curriculum By Just One Vote


A Michigan school district has achieved a narrow victory over an attempt to introduce pornographic sex education curriculum in their high school.

Last week, WILX reports, the Madison School Board scrapped a proposed “reproductive health” curriculum meant to educate the district’s ninth-graders about contraception and sexually-transmitted disease prevention.

“So I get it, that people worked on this a long long time, but I also get that we should stop and think about the policy part of this,” said board trustee Patrick O’Connor, pointing to data collected in a parent survey illustrating that the majority of district parents do want some level of sex education imposed on their children.

The data, however, leaves one wondering if parents are fully aware of just how much “education” their children would have gotten from this curriculum.

“It does say teacher preference, gather ideas from the students,” said a visibly embarrassed Vice President Christopher Mumby. “What are in his or her past sexual experiences including vaginal, oral and anal intercourse? That is, that is in this document we’re looking at.”

Ultimately, the curriculum was defeated by just a 4-3 vote. That’s how close it is, folks. If we ease up for just one moment, we will lose the ground we’ve fought so hard to cover.

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