Middle School Holds Surprise “Coming Out” Rally Without Notifying Parents


Parental rights and authority are under constant attack from the radical left. Parents in the Dayton, Ohio area were recently blindsided after they heard from their children there had been a  school-wide rally where they were encouraged to consider having homosexual feelings at Van Buren Middle School. and Parents were outraged as they had not been notified of the event in advance, therefore were not given any opportunity to request their children not participate.

LifeSiteNews reports in an opinion piece by Linda Harvey, President of Mission America:

No advance parental notice was given for this event held in conjunction with homosexual/transgender National Coming Out Day. As I have mentioned in previous articles, schools are regularly observing special days and weeks as part of a coordinated “LGBT” agenda directed to America’s children.

It all happened at Van Buren Middle School in Kettering, a Dayton suburb. An 11-year-old boy reported to his mom that a special speaker addressed the students. Actor/author Maulik Pancholy related his experience believing he was “gay” back in sixth grade and now encourages students to embrace their own homosexual feelings. He has written a book called The Best At It.

Yes, that’s right. Sixth graders are now being encouraged to announce a homosexual identity.

Pancholy was in the Dayton area as part of a tour promoting the book. Since he was also a voice on the popular Disney cartoon “Phineas and Ferb,” during his speech he told the Kettering middle school students that one of the Phineas’ characters was “gay.”

So is this school officially on board with destroying innocence while encouraging pre-adolescent corruption? This administration needs to be held accountable for mentally molesting these children while betraying the trust of their families.

Thankfully, one mom decided to take a stand to shed light on this shocking occurrence. She began sending messages out to other parents in the district informing them of the rally, in case their children hadn’t mentioned it, which was a likely possibility considering we are talking about preteen middle schoolers here.

She voiced her justifiable anger in her message, saying, “Sharing one’s sexuality to 11-year-olds, many who aren’t even thinking about sex, has absolutely no place in our publicly funded schools. Why did they think this was appropriate? And why did they think it was okay to teach our children without our knowledge or consent? And on top of that, use our tax money to teach our children beliefs we disagree with?”

These are all excellent questions and ones that need to be raised with the school board and the school district’s superintendent! If the school thought this was okay to do then they ought to answer these questions and be held accountable. The fact that they neglected to send home advance notice of the event and give parents the opportunity to protect their children from this propaganda demands an explanation. This is the exact kind of underhanded indoctrination parents of children in public school must be on the lookout for and resisting.

In this mom’s message, she goes on to make some excellent points about   the LGBT agenda and the left in general, saying, “As is well known, anyone who disagrees with this agenda is instantly labeled with hateful rhetoric and name-calling such as ‘homophobic,’ ‘bigot,’ or ‘hate group/hate speech,’ certainly not what any child wants to be called. Nor does any child want to be singled out as hateful, when they’re anything but that. (It’s not hateful or bigoted just because you believe differently.)”

“I would certainly call that intimidating! So, as the school hides behind the ‘anti-bullying’ facade to deceptively promote the LGBT agenda behind parents’ backs, it would appear by definition they are the big bullies here, she adds

School districts across America are using bullying techniques to make vulnerable students question reality and truth. Children who would never even question their gender or think about homosexuality are suddenly becoming confused and aware of the possibility of being attracted to the same sex. 

If anyone dare speak out against this dangerous indoctrination, they are immediately shouted down and labeled ‘bad’ in one way or another. Of course, children likely have no interest in being the ones who buck against the new status quo and LGBT activists know this, which is why they are vehemently targeting schools and children in general.

It’s a bullying technique and it’s downright wrong. Schools need to go back to educating students on facts instead of indoctrinating them with dangerous and harmful ideologies. Shame on Van Buren Middle School for their cowardice in exposing their vulnerable students to LGBT propaganda without parental consent or knowledge.

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