Middle School Teacher and Drag Queen Tells Children “Everybody Loves A Big Bone”


An Alabama middle school teacher who dresses up to attend Drag Queen Story Hour events for children recently told a group of youngsters during story time that “everybody loves a big bone.”

James Miller, a teacher at Mountain Gap Middle School in Huntsville, Alabama, enjoys dressing up as his drag persona Ms. Majesty Divine.

Miller has a Facebook page where he frequently posts pictures of himself attending such events as the notorious Drag Queen Story Hour, including a recent event hosted by a local animal shelter where he was set to read a book about dogs to the children.

Libs of TikTok’s Substack page reported that it was at this “family-friendly event” that Miller began to make a series of sexually suggestive comments to the little ones.

During story time, which was live-streamed by the Hard Knocks Rescue and Training Center animal shelter, Miller told the children that “everybody likes a big bone,” and that all men have “meat on their mind.”

“We’re not still live, are we?” he asked at one point, indicating, as Libs of TikTok noted, that he was clearly aware that his comments were inappropriate for children.

He was still live, and his comments did not escape the notice of Libs of TikTok, that vigilant social media account that has grown to prominence largely by simply re-posting videos of things like public “family-friendly” drag events or teachers openly sharing their discussions about sexuality and gender identity with students.

“Why would you ensure you’re not live after a comment if you weren’t aware that it was inappropriate? I’m sure Mr. Miller knows not to make those jokes in his classroom, right?” the page asked, adding that it had reached out to the school and the district requesting comments, but no response was received.

That’s unsettling.

The email issued to the pertinent school authorities points to Miller’s social media posts and TikTok videos that also include vulgarity which it notes are of interest considering his position as a middle school teacher.

Screenshots of the email and social media posts reveal crude references as well as multiple photos of Miller in drag participating in or standing beside simulated sexual acts.

“Madge D. Ivine” also appears to have played host to a “Drag Us to Hell” event at a local pub.

Libs of TikTok notes that Miller posts videos of himself participating in drag queen story hour events right next to videos of himself making explicit sexual comments.

Here at Elizabeth Johnston Ministries, we have followed Drag Queen Story Hour events for years as they’ve grown in popularity, and this is hardly the first time that we have reported on incidents of men dressed in drag engaging in lewd behavior during such an event.

We’ve also seen multiple instances where men who dressed in drag to read to children appeared to have had an undetected history of sex crimes against children, while in at least one shocking incident, a man flashed his crotch a whole room of young children.

Meanwhile, as Libs of TikTok has served to highlight so adroitly over the last two years, teachers appear to be growing more and more eager to incorporate their adult sexual lifestyles with their personalities in the classroom.

Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act was slammed by LGBT teachers as an impediment to their ability to discuss their sexual identity with their students, for example. And countless videos posted by Libs of TikTok include teachers openly and willingly sharing how they bring up such topics with their young students.

If this Mr. Miller has such a hard time distinguishing between what’s appropriate for his drag persona and young children when he’s being filmed for a live stream, what are we to think of how he behaves in the classroom?

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