Middle Schoolers Given Flyer on Age of Consent for Preteens; Getting Abortions and Plan B Without Parental Consent


Tacoma, Washington parents were horrified to discover that their middle schoolers were given flyers as part of a science class that informed them on the age of consent for children as young as 11 and at what age minors can obtain abortions “at any age” without parental consent.

The flyer, unsurprisingly, was courtesy of abortion giant Planned Parenthood according to Tacoma County Public Schools and reported by local conservative talk show host Jason Rantz.

Stewart Middle School has since apologized for distributing the flyers, which detailed ages of minority and consent for sex, including the legal ages for sexual partners for children as young as 11 years old.

The flyer also provided information on what age children could receive STD testing or Plan B emergency contraceptives without parental consent and told them that they could obtain abortions, “at any age,” without informing or receiving consent from their parents.

It read, in part:

It is not a crime if you are…

  • 11 and have sex with somebody 2 years older or less.
  • 12 to 13 and have sex with somebody who is 3 years older or less.
  • 14 or 15 and have sex with somebody who is 4 years older or less.

… If you are 14 years and older, you do not need permission from your parent or guardian to get treated for STDs or HIV, or to get treatment…

You are allowed to get a prescription for birth control without your parent or guardian’s permission…

ABORTION – You do not need to get permission from your parent or guardian AT ANY AGE…

“The flyer is not part of our curriculum and should not have been sent home with students,” Eric Hogan, the district’s Assistant Director of Secondary Education, told concerned parents in an email obtained by Rantz’ radio program.

“Previously, Planned Parenthood taught within our schools and supplied the flyer that was distributed to students,” the administrator explained. “We discovered a binder of curriculum materials was left behind for an incoming teacher to use for this year, and this flyer was in the binder. Not realizing the flyer wasn’t approved material, the teacher sent it home with students.”

“Corrective action has been taken with this employee,” he also said.

It shouldn’t take any special information for an adult to realize that the flyer may have been wildly controversial at best, but incredibly inappropriate sexual education curricula has become so commonplace in public schools, it is sadly not surprising that this teacher did not think twice before sending a flyer detailing the age of consent for preteens or how a minor may obtain an abortion in the state.

What’s more, the flyer was misleading about what is legal in the state of Washington, as Live Action noted.

In reality, “the flyer failed to point out that the consent laws in Washington merely mean the state will not prosecute; as the state points out, ‘[a]ge is just one of many factors involved in consent.’”

Yet another cautionary tale, folks. Make sure you know what your kids are being taught in school, and let the school know when they’ve crossed the line!

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