Mike Huckabee: Can Pro-Lifers Simply Remove Abortion Clinics That Offend Them?

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has added his voice to the choir questioning the liberal efforts to remove historical Confederate statues across the United States.


As The Daily Wire reports, Huckabee made his remarks speaking on Fox News this week, pointing out that pro-lifers hate abortion clinics just as much – if not more – than liberals hate Confederate statues.

In that case, would pro-lifers be justified in tearing down abortion clinics, a la the left’s tearing down of Confederate statues?

“Anarchists go and just tear down the statues because they are impatient with politicians doing it,” Huckabee stated.

“That is not acceptable behavior. It is vandalism, it is anarchy, and it would be like me saying ‘I don’t like abortion clinics, so I’m going to go to tear them down because I find them offensive.'”

“Nobody would justify that, including me,” he continued, adding that “having a select group of people tear something down because it offends them personally” is bordering on anarchy.

Huckabee didn’t shut the door on the issue altogether, however; instead, he stated that local communities should decide for themselves – in a legal manner – what to do with Confederate statues.

Hear Mike Huckabee’s full remarks below.

In other news related to the slippery slope of destroying undesirable statues, a black activist from Texas has called for the renaming of a highway honoring former Dallas Mayor R.L. Thornton, who was a Klansman.

Oh yeah, he was a Democrat.

Interestingly enough, that particular call has not gotten much attention from liberals who appear more content focusing on the right’s supposedly bigoted history.

Also lacking in attention is the bust of racist Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger in the Smithsonian Museum.

Yeah, liberals are probably going to regret opening Pandora’s box of historical revision here.

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