Mike Pompeo Declares That Abortion Is “Not A Human Right,” “It Takes A Human Life”


In a speech delivered at the Family Leader Summit in Iowa, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo affirmed that abortion is not a “human right.”

“Our founders built our country on a commitment to essential rights, unalienable rights,” Pompeo said at the Friday Event, according to The Epoch Times. “That comes from these amazing documents, our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution, and our nation’s foreign policy must be grounded in those central understandings.”

Although global allies and entities such as the World Health Organization have long attempted to advance the abortion-on-demand agenda using misleading human rights language, Pompeo sharply disagreed, stating that “abortion quite simply isn’t a human right. It takes a human life.”

“This administration appreciates and knows that our rights come from God, not government,” the Secretary of State went on, pointing to Trump administration diplomats who have fought against the tide of “abortion rights” within the United Nations.

Late last year, we reported that Trump administration staff and delegates from just 10 other countries had the boldness to stand up and declare that “abortion rights” do not exist.

At the Nairobi Summit on International Conference on Population and Development 2025, Valerie Huber, Trump’s special representative for global women’s health, declared that “There is no international right to abortion. In fact, international law clearly states ‘everyone has the right to life.’”

“[A]mbiguous terms and expressions, such as sexual and reproductive health and rights … may be used to actively promote practices like abortion,” she said, referring to the document resulting from the summit. “There is no international right to abortion.”

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