Mike Pompeo Says Communist China Is “Rewriting the Bible” To Control Its People


Top Trump administration official Mike Pompeo had sharp, bold words for the Chinese Communist Party at a virtual conservative voters conference this week, denouncing the regime’s efforts to shape Christian doctrine to fit neatly into the dictatorship.

The Secretary of State offered the scathing rebuke of the CCP at Tuesday’s Values Voter Summit 2020, according to Breitbart.

“We watch today the challenge that Christians and Catholics have to practice their faith inside of China,” Pompeo declared. “The Chinese Communist Party is trying to rewrite the Bible itself to ‘sinicize’ the Christian doctrine,” he added, consistent with independent assessments. “That’s unacceptable. That will diminish the Chinese people. We want good things for them.”

As we’ve reported in the past, the practice of sinicism in China is pervasive, with no shortage of government thugs placed in authority over Chinese churches to enforce secular CCP doctrine over the faithful.

Back in March, a speech given by Xu Xiaohong, head of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM), the regime-organization which oversees government-approved Protestant churches, revealed that the Bible itself was a target of sinicism.

According to the Acton Institute:

Xu made it clear that Protestant churches in China—which, as he and everyone else in the regime knows, are spreading at an impressive rate throughout China’s special economic zones—will be expected to incorporate “the values of socialism” into their theology and develop a stronger “national consciousness.”

Most ominously, this includes producing a new translation of the Bible. It takes no genius to recognize what translation really means in the context of an officially atheist regime which has demonstrated its intention to subjugate any organization remotely considered a potential source of liberty. The translation, Xu also revealed, would be accompanied by numerous annotations from various Chinese sources to make the text “more Chinese.” We can safely assume that the regime has in mind far more than just benign references to Confucius.

During the summit, Pompeo argued that the absence of religious liberty allows authoritarianism to flourish.

“I believe, President Trump believes, that absent religious freedom, the lives of people around the world are very difficult,” he stated. “Authoritarianism almost always follows the oppression of religion. Pushing religion out of the public square drives oppression, drives authoritarianism. That is why the Trump administration has made it a top priority to promote religious freedom across the world.”

Pompeo also decried the CCP for “trying to eliminate anyone who is not Han Chinese” in its Xinjiang province, home to a majority of Uighur Muslims who have reportedly been subject to genocide and imprisonment in concentration camps referred to as “vocational centers.”

Pompeo concluded, placing the burden on the United States to end China’s religious and human rights abuses:

“The Chinese Communist Party is seeking hegemony across the world, and we have an obligation to do our best to make sure that the freedoms that we value and the capacity to exercise our human rights aren’t trampled upon by whether that’s their predatory economic activity or their military might or their misinformation campaigns here in the U.S.” he proclaimed. “We work hard to make sure that we maximize religious freedom for every human being all across the world.”

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