Military Comes After Mother Who Complained About “Polysexual” Posters at Child’s Elementary School


A New Jersey mother is speaking out after her Facebook post complaining about posters that included terms like “polysexual” at her 7-year-old’s school prompted a high-ranking U.S. military official to alert the Joint Base and local law enforcement for “safety” concerns.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson spoke with mother Angela Reading, who is also a the Northern Burlington Board of Education, after a post raising questions about pro-LGBT posters made by her daughter’s elementary school peers prompted the shockingly dramatic response from the military.

“The current situation involving Ms. Reading’s actions has caused safety concerns for many families,” Lt. Col. Christopher Schilling wrote on his personal Facebook page. “The Joint Base leadership takes this situation very seriously and from the beginning have had the Security Forces working with multiple state and local law enforcement agencies to monitor the situation to ensure the continued safety of the entire community.”

The Joint Base confirmed to Fox News that they’d contacted local law enforcement, which in turn contacted the administrator of the Facebook group where Reading had shared her post, urging her to remove it.

“I said, ‘I don’t want Homeland Security coming after me. Take the post down. I don’t want to be dealing with this.’ I agreed that the post should come down,” she told Carlson.

“I was more than surprised. I was scared,” Reading said. “I actually pulled my kids from school the day I found out. It was mind-boggling and I was worried for them when the U.S. military comes after you for simply raising concern about a public poster that is widely available for all to see.”

Reading’s post was no different than the countless others we’ve seen from parents who are shocked to find their children are learning about very adult subjects.

She explained that had seen the posters while visiting for an evening “Math Night” and that her daughter had asked her what “polysexual” meant, posing questions as to the appropriateness of such content being taught to young children.

According to screenshots of her original post shared by the Substack Chaos and Control, Reading’s comments differed little from any other parent raising such questions.

She explained to Carlson her post had been “really moderate.”

“It essentially said I didn’t think my 7-year-old was age-appropriate to be exposed to words such as polysexual and pansexual,” Reading said. “I said that all people are deserving of love and respect. My post was very explicit about that. Still, it prompted this response and it’s really scary that in this country we can’t have a right to speak and raise concerns about our public education system.”

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