Milwaukee Leaves Adopted Children In Home With Ex-Judge Charged With Possession of Child Pornography


A Wisconsin judge whose charges for possession of child pornography have garnered national attention due to his affiliation with a group that funded and promoted controversial Drag Queen Story Hour events has been prohibited from having any contact with children.

That is, other than the two children he and his partner adopted together who remain in the same home as Blomme, it seems.

The 38-year-old recently appointed judge, who had just taken the bench at the Children’s Court in Milwaukee (yes, children’s court) has been charged with seven counts of possession of pornography of young boys, including toddlers, being abused.

Blomme accessed the illicit media both in his judge’s chambers and in his home, the same home where he has been raising the children with another man.

And in that home these children remain, in spite of the shocking nature of the judge’s crimes and the fact that they directly involve the sexual abuse of small children.

The now-former judge, damningly, was also once the president of an LGBT organization which sponsored and advertised for Drag Queen Story Hour events in Milwaukee, in which men in drag read story books to small children, typically at public libraries. It is for this reason that his case has garnered national attention.

Yet were this man a straight Republican who professed adherence to Christianity and was charged with these crimes, it would be just as jaw-dropping that he was allowed to remain in a home with two young children.

The Federalist notes that while Blomme has been ordered not to use any social media or file-sharing services and has been barred from having any contact with children.

Other than his own, that is.

After being released on bond, requiring only a signature to walk free until his trial, he will apparently remain in his own home where the two adopted children also reside.

This just doesn’t seem right—putting his history of LGBT activism aside completely, should anyone who accused of participating in one of the most despicable forms of child exploitation and abuse be released to a home where adopted children reside?

Surely this should give anyone remotely interested in the welfare of children pause.

Blomme was arrested earlier this month after authorities received a tip forwarded to the Wisconsin Division of Criminal Investigation from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. He is accused of using the Kik messenger app to upload child pornography on 27 occasions between October and November of 2020, according to the criminal complaint and reported by

There is no indication that his adopted children were victimized.

Blomme was once the president and CEO of Cream City Foundation, which had sponsored DQSH events.

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